Conservation & Restoration Science


UW Bothell First Year & Pre-Major Students

If you are currently enrolled at the University of Washington Bothell as a First Year & Pre-Major student, please review the major planning worksheet below for admission requirements and prerequisites. If you have questions about major requirements, admission process, or application status, please contact the First Year and Pre-Major program advisers at

Prerequisites for Admission (31 credits)

  • One Calculus Course (BMATH 144, STMATH 124 I, or equivalent) or a complete 2- course sequence in Pre-Calculus (BMATH 122 & 123 or equivalent)
  • One General Chemistry Course (B CHEM 143 & B CHEM 144 or equivalent)
  • Introductory Biology (BBIO 180 or equivalent)
  • One Introductory Earth System Science Course (BIS 242, BEARTH 153, BEARTH 154,  BEARTH 155, BEARTH 201 or equivalent)
  • One Introductory Environmental Studies Course (BIS 240, BIS 243 or equivalent)
  • One Introductory Statistics Course (BIS 215, BMATH 215, BHLTH 215, STMATH 341 or equivalent) : This is a recommended preparation until Spring 2022. Effective Autumn 2022, one Introductory Statistics Course will be required as a major prerequisite. 

Transfer Students

If you are currently enrolled or have previously been enrolled at a community college or university, and are not currently taking courses from UW Bothell, please review the information below. Prospective transfer students should contact the Office of Admissions for transfer admissions advising.

Transfer Student Admissions

Admissions Planning Worksheets

If you have questions about IAS majors, major requirements, admission process and application status, please contact the Admissions advisors at