Research Connections

Research-Connections: Find your undergraduate research and creative projects community

Research Connections for Undergraduates

Come to Research Connections to collaborate, talk about research and creative projects, and enjoy some snacks. Students, faculty, and research support staff are invited to come.


Research Connections take place twice a month at the Truly House at UW Bothell from 3:00-4:30pm.

Gatherings provide pizza and a casual atmosphere. There is a 20-minute presentation on a research topic (presented from 3:30-3:50pm), with the rest of the time focused on networking and answering student questions. These are usually the second Tuesday of the month, October - May. Please feel free to come anytime during the session.

Workshops provide snacks and hot drinks with a full workshop related to your research journey. The first half hour is for settling in and networking. Beginning at 3:30pm, there is a 1-hour workshop from a staff or faculty member who is an expert in their topic. These are usually the fourth Tuesday of the month, October - May.

Registration is requested, but not required. If we know you're coming it helps us plan the sessions better and purchase food appropriately.

Event Dates

Spring Quarter

  • March 28: Research Abstract Writing Workshop - Cancelled
  • April 11 Student Gathering: Find Research Opportunities on the Connected Huskies Database. We will explore research projects together, feature a few that are recruiting for summer and fall, and help you write an email to the lead researcher showing your interest. Did you know you can design your own project and get credit for it? We will also cover the process on how to find a mentor and apply for this opportunity. Register for event.
  • April 25: Design a Research Poster Workshop
    Learn how to create large format-posters and find the balance between technical data and aesthetics in this interactive workshop. Bring drafts of your spring research and capstone posters for review. Presented by Sarah Verlinde-Azofeifa, Administration & Communications Manager from Sponsored Research & Connected Learning. Register for event.
  • May 9 Student Gathering: Merit Scholarships and Research Awards
    Students interested in research or creative projects may be eligible for funding through a merit scholarship or research award. We will introduce you to some of the most popular awards. Applications are usually due in the fall and winter, but now is the time to plan ahead. Research awards can be used to buy supplies for your project, cover funds for travel to a conference to present your research, or help off-set the costs for an unpaid research experience. Presented by Ludmilla Kortchak, Connected Learning Advisor from the Office of Connected Learning. Register for event.
  • May 23 Workshop: Now what? How to Publish and Share your Student Research
    It's the end of the school year, you've presented at a symposium and turned in your final paper - now what? This workshop will show you several options to continue sharing your research and to inspire others with your work. We will cover how to submit your project to the Husky Cache, find student publications to submit to, look for non-profits or research organizations to send your results to, and look for a conference or venue to present your poster.  Register for event.


Who should come to Research Connections?

Join us at Research Connections to meet other students, faculty, and staff interested in research.  Share your research experiences, build a supportive community, and network with individuals from diverse fields of study. We encourage the following to come:

  • Students interested in getting involved in research or creative projects
  • Students currently involved in research are invited to come share their experiences with others
  • Students interested in building a community on campus focused on research
  • Students interested in networking are invited to come meet with students and faculty from different fields
  • Faculty, research staff, and mentors are welcome to come and help foster the next generation of researchers. 

Support staff and peer-advisors from Research and Creative Projects, Connected Learning, will be at every event.