Global Scholars

2020 Cohort

Meet our 2020 Global Scholars!


Hana-Abay-(1).JPGHana Gebremariam Abay

Major: Environmental Studies

"This cohort consists of students that provide such an incredible range of opinions and experiences, many of which might be unfamiliar to you"


Jessica-Ambriz-Madrigal.jpgJessica Edith Ambriz-Madrigal

Major:  Educational Studies

“In global scholars, you will most likely view yourself differently, and feel empowered... The Global Scholars program left me with more questions. It allows you to see the beauty of learning; and it never ends.”



Christina-Lai.jpgChristina Van Lai

Major: Health Studies

“In this class, you will learn to become more comfortable acknowledging, addressing, and discussing your discomforts, as the directors and peer facilitator try to make an incredibly open and safe space for everyone to share their perspectives.”




Julie-Pham.jpgJulie Pham

Major: Mathematical Thinking & Visualization; Law, Economics & Public Policy

“To be a part of Global Scholars will truly open up opportunities, resources, and a variety of knowledge.”




Naomi-Yohannes.jpgNaomi Yohannes

Major: Community Psychology; Society, Ethics & Human Behavior

“I have learned so much from not only my professors but my peers. A diverse set of individuals can create such a dialogue that allows you to explore yourself and others on what it means to be a global citizen and understand others better, regardless if they hold a different perspective than you.”




Shwetha-Dosanjh.jpgShwetha Singh Dosanjh

Major: Biology

“Global Scholars has opened me up to many opportunities that have pushed for academic and career-enhancing growth. The program has been a catalyst for the enrichment of my academic and future career path in STEM, strikingly due to the ongoing global learning and development it has offered me with.”




tien.jpgTien T Le

Major: Biology

I felt welcomed, I felt that I was a part of a community. I also got to learn about different resources, tips and tricks to apply for study abroad, and overall the meaning of being a global citizen. While 2020 has been challenging for many reasons, I know I still have a community to turn to in the Fall when the school year starts again.”


Kevin-Paulino.jpgKevin Garcia

Major: Mechanical Engineering

“In this cohort, you will encounter new friendships, new perspectives, and new understandings of the world outside your eyes”



katharina-(2).jpgKatharina Brinschwitz 

Major: Media and Communications Studies, Interactive Media Design

“Having this cohort of teachers and students has given me a safe space to speak my mind knowing I will be heard and for that I am beyond grateful.”



Tareq-Yafai-(2).pngTareq Yafai

Major: Science, Technology & Society

“The coordinators of the Global Scholars Program are the kindest people I've met since attending UW Bothell. They invite you to speak your mind and hope to prepare you to be a global citizen. They've created an environment where one can feel comfortable having conversations without feeling scrutinized. 



Headshot-Photo.jpgFaviola Ruvalcaba

Major:Community Psychology

"Global scholars has helped me continue to explore my own identity. As well as build community and empower personal growth."





Silhouette-on-Globe-(2).jpgMari Elena McMenamin

Major: Media & Communication Studies

“I had the opportunity to be enrolled in this program and I learned a lot about myself and the impact each of us can have as a Global citizen. This program is like no other, the topics are all very interesting and you definitively will want to engage on all of them.”




Silhouette-on-Globe-(2).jpgExie Damaris Romero

Major: American and Ethnic Studies