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Watch for the new RFP that will open in late 2022.

Summary Information for past award 2021:

  • Award amounts: up to $60,000 will be awarded in 2021, split between several recipients
  • Deadline for grant spend-down: June 30, 2022
  • Anticipated award announcement: by May 31st
  • Eligible applicants: All UW Bothell faculty (tenure track, teaching track, and part-time lecturers) and faculty led teams including: faculty, staff, students and/or librarians
  • Funding Office: Academic Affairs

Award Description

In 1997, a permanent endowment was established by Richard C. and Lois M. Worthington to “reward and promote continued innovation and excellence in teaching and scholarship at UW Bothell.”  In gratitude for this generous gift, a new multi-year effort seeks to reward faculty led teams whose work has provided transformative, connected learning experiences for students. 

The UW Bothell definition of connected learning refers to high-impact relationships that contribute to innovative and influential teaching, learning, and research. A commitment to connected learning builds greater capacities for students, staff and faculty to connect theory to practice, exercise adaptive leadership skills across novel settings, and embrace the multiple contexts we all bring to our work. It recognizes that our ideas, discoveries, research, and institutional successes result from the relationships and human ecosystems that feed them.”

Individual faculty or teams led by faculty that exemplify innovation and excellence in connected learning experiences for students are invited to apply.  The deadline for applications is the first Monday in April (April 5, 2021) and decisions will be made by May 31st. The award will be split among all team members for team proposals. All UW Bothell faculty (tenure track, teaching track, and part-time lecturers) are eligible to apply.  Teams may include faculty, staff, students and/or librarians.

Award Criteria

Innovation and excellence can be demonstrated through synergy among high impact practices (HIPs), such as those currently defined by the Association of American Colleges and Universities and by the Connected Learning Alliance.  High impact practices can include other transformational practices, such as student employment and mentoring.  The most competitive proposals will demonstrate the broad characteristics of high impact practices and themes below, whether they are part of a class, independent project, summer or co-curricular experience, volunteer or paid opportunity, etc.

  • Equity is considered in every aspect of the connected learning experience from promotion and recruitment through assessment and feedback;
  • The experience creates conditions to build community cultural wealth for students. Cultural capital is the combination of aspirational, familial, linguistic, social, resistance, and navigational capital;
  • Consistently high standards are set and students are supported in meeting them;
  • Frequent, timely, and constructive feedback establishes clear student expectations;
  • Structured time to reflect and integrate learning is built into the experience;
  • Students are encouraged to share their work in one or more public demonstrations of competence (e.g. meetings, conferences, exhibitions, performances, publications);
  • Opportunities to apply concepts outside of a traditional classroom uncover the relevance of learning and prepare students for success in their career and/or graduate and professional schools;
  • The experience is characterized by a significant investment of time and effort which develops trust over time;
  • Substantive interactions among faculty, staff and peers result in the development of a supportive personal network and community that extends the experience.

Application Instructions

Completed applications must be submitted online by 5 PM PT on April 5, 2021. Please note the application portal is through Google Forms and only plain text is supported in the response boxes. The Office of Connected Learning will notify successful and unsuccessful nominees, via email by May 31st.  

  1. What is the teaching and learning opportunity and why is it important to create this experience?   (150 words)
  2. How is the student experience enhanced? In particular, how does the connected learning experience demonstrate the characteristics of HIPs and connected learning? (500 words)
  3. Team: Provide a list of the faculty lead(s) and all collaborators (including staff), their roles in creating the experience and their contact information, including their names, titles, and UW affiliation.
  4. Impact: Describe the value/impact of the experience.  If appropriate, discuss the impact to faculty, staff and external constituencies, e.g. policymakers, businesses, and community groups. Direct quotes or testimonials from those impacted are welcome. (500 words)

Application link:

Award recipients will be selected by a team of students from ASUWB executive committee and Connected Learning student staff. Award winners will be recognized in the spring and featured on the Office of Connected Learning website.


The allocated funds must be spent before the end of the following fiscal year ending June 30. At least half of the funds must be utilized to advance the connected learning experience, whether to entice more students to participate, assess the outcomes, build in measures to enhance equity, and/or deepen the experience for students.  The other half can be used to support the professional development of the individual(s) or team.  

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