IAS Degree Portfolio

Interdisciplinary Practice and Reflection (IPR)


The Interdisciplinary Practice and Reflection (IPR) requirement ensures that all IAS students complete at least one course that requires an advanced research, creative, or experiential learning project before they graduate.  IAS courses meeting this requirement are low-enrollment and high-impact.  They typically involve close engagement with a faculty member and assume prior study in the area.  These courses allow students to complete a project that draws on their academic interests and furthers their life ambitions. The project might be a seminar paper in a particular area of study; an academic internship in a relevant field; a service-learning project that builds on the student's academic work; a study abroad opportunity; an art and media project or production.  Courses that satisfy the IPR requirement ask students to reflect on the value, challenges, and effectiveness of their work in relation to their undergraduate education as a whole.

List of courses that satisfy the IPR requirement*

*All IAS students must complete at least 5 credits of IPR.  This requirement can be satisfied by one 5-credit course or multiple lower-credit courses.  Students should talk with faculty members in their major and consult their degree webpages as they decide which of the courses listed above fit best with their academic training and life goals.  Because artifacts produced in these courses are ideal for inclusion in students' capstone portfolios, the IPR requirement should be satisfied prior to BIS 499.  Many of the courses listed above have prerequisites, applications processes, priority registration for specific majors, or other requirements for enrollment.  Please check the IAS website and course catalog for details.