All Community Psychology (CP) Courses

Recommended Preparation

Interested in exploring this major, but not ready to commit? Consider taking one of the below courses! Any of these selections will help familiarize you with the academic program and prepare you for advanced coursework in the major.

BIS 170 Introduction to Psychology
BIS 215 Understanding Statistics 
BIS 220 Developmental Psychology
BIS 222 Introduction to Human Sexuality
BIS 225 Social Psychology
BIS 270 Abnormal Psychology 

A. CP Core Course (CP:CORE)

BISCP 343 Community Psychology (5 Credits)

B. Methods Courses (CP:METHODS)

BIS 312 Approaches to Social Research (5 Credits)

C. Community Psychology Courses (CP)**

A focused list of foundations courses directly related to core community psychology skills and knowledge base, which assures the degree reflects mastery of critical domains of CP and allied fields (such as public/community health, mental health, social work, human diversity, policy, urban studies)

20 credits required from the below list:
BIS 220 Developmental Psychology
BIS 222 Introduction to Human Sexuality 
BIS 225 Social Psychology
BIS 270 Abnormal Psychology
BIS 316 Topics in Psychology
BIS 337 Risk and Resilience
BIS 348 Cultural Psychology
BIS 349 Personality Psychology
BIS 352 Mapping Communities
BIS 364 Realities & Representations of Adolescent Development
BIS 368 Women's Lives in Context
BIS 422 Clinical Psychology
BIS 438 Prevention and Promotion
BIS 449 Advanced Topics in Psychology
BIS 483 Community Organizing
BISCP 489 Projects in Community Psychology
BBIO 310 Brain & Behavior

D. CP Electives (CP:ELECT)**

A broader list of courses from across disciplines that address topics, problems, skills, structures and institutions that are of more specific relevance to potential academic or professional goals within or aligned with Community Psychology. 

10 credits required from the below list:
B EDUC 456 Adolescents in School and Society
BIS 232 Intro to Data Visualization
BIS 235 Critical Media Literacy
BIS 256 Intro to African American Studies
BIS 257 Intro to Asian American Studies
BIS 258 Intro to Latinx Studies
BIS 265 Intro to Comparative Ethnic American Studies
BIS 255 Critical Diversity Studies
BIS 275 Social Problems
BIS 282 Globalization
BIS 307 Environmental Justice
BIS 320 Comparative Political Economics
BIS 325 Disability and Human Rights
BIS 338 Political Institutions and Processes
BIS 353 Human Rights in Theory and Practice
BIS 380 Bioethics
BIS 384 Health, Medicine and Society
BIS 445 Meanings and Realities of Inequality 
BIS 448 Social Policy
BISAES 305 Power, Dissent, and American Culture
BISAES 367 Race, Ethnicity, and Immigration
BISGST 303 History and Globalization
BISGWS 301 Critical Gender & Sexuality Studies
BISLEP 302 Policy Analysis
BISSTA 304 Institutions and Social Change
BISSTA 359 Ethics and Society
BISSTS 231 Genes, Genomes and Heredity

** Course lists will be maintained by School of IAS.

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