Community Partner Impact

Community Partner Impact

History of Assessment 

A community partner impact survey is currently in a pilot state, created by the Community Engagement Assessment Working Group (Shauna Elbers Carlisle, Andrea Stone, Charlie Collins, and David Goldstein).

In 2018, UW Bothell recruited community partners to participate in a focus group who represent the diversity of community partnerships including for-profit, non-profit, K-16 education, and government agencies with representation from community partners across academic units. Twenty community partners participated in five focus groups.  Participants were asked a total of seven questions exploring five broad areas: benefits and challenges of engaging with UW Bothell, impact of engagement on general capacity, internal capacity and external capacity. 

Focus group data were then analyzed and transformed into an eighteen-question (46-item) online community engagement survey focused on the five themes. The UW Bothell community engagement survey was then disseminated by the Office of Community Based Learning and Research to community partners listed in their database (n=226).  

A pilot survey went out to 226 partners during the 2018 summer.A total of 46 partner responded to the survey (20% response rate). The plan is for the survey to go out annually to UWB community partners.

Initial Outcomes 

Find initial community partner outcome data in the CBLR Annual Report: