History & Efforts

History, Background, & Efforts 

The following are documents and reports about the development of community engagement at UW Bothell over the previous five years:

Community Engagement Annual Reports & History 

School Community Engagement Reports

Community Engagement Council

In 2016, the Community Engagement Council was charged by Chancellor Bjong Wolf Yeigh. The Council's central purpose is to advise and assist the University of Washington Bothell in advancing its Community Engagement Mission. 

Community Engagement Task Force

In 2015, the Community Engagement Task Force was charged by Chancellor Bjong Wolf Yeigh. The role of the Task Force was to recommend a blue print for community engagement at UW Bothell.

Proposal to Host Imagining America: Artists and Scholars in Public Life

In 2015, Chancellor Bjong Wolf Yeigh and Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Susan Jeffords charged a working group and steering committee to explore the possibility of hosting Imagining America at UW Bothell. Potential goals for Imagining America’s presence on campus could allow us to partner with and lead a national consortium of institutions with similar mission-based commitments to diversity and engagement, and in return strengthen our campuses commitments and infrastructure to diversity and community engagement.

Internship Report

The 2015 Internship Report addresses three specific functions 1. To develop a baseline of existing internship activities at UW Bothell, 2. To gather information about best internship practices for institutions such as ours, 3. To develop and operational definition of what constitutes an internship.

External Observations of Public Engagement at UW Bothell

In 2014, Barbara Holland and Andy Furco conducted an internal assessment of public engagement at UW Bothell. The report provides recommendations for institutionalizing public engagement at UW Bothell.