Working Groups

Community Engagement Council Working Groups (2019-2020)

Faculty & Staff Rewards 

Group: Charlie Collins, Raissa DeSmet, Ed Beundia, Kara Adams, Deanna Kennedy 
Scope: This working group will focus on the mechanisms that enable and recognize the value of the student-faculty-partner relationship in community engagement.

  1. Members will research institutional community engagment reward approaches used at other institutions. 
  2. Members will draft description, submission requirements, evaluation criteria, and process for operationalizing award. 
  3. Award launched in winter/spring 2020 


Group: Carrie Tzou, Mo West, Marie Blakey, Julie Klein, Natalia Dyba, Ryan McIrvin, Ann McMahon, Kara Adams, Deanna Kennedy,

  1. Members will review current partnership approaches and data used at UWB and others (conversation with past working group on this).
  2. Members will consider any plans for partner spectrum, partner strategy, other ideas. 

Curriculum & Co-Curriculum 

Group: Charity Lovitt, Paola Rodríguez Hidalgo, Layla Taylor, Kim Wilson, Sam Al-Khoury, Asna Ali, Kara Adams, Deanna Kennedy. 
Scope: This working group will help oversee on-going efforts that clarify the pathways for students to participate in community engagement during their UW Bothell career.

  1. Members will provide feedback on tri-campus community engaged learning (CEL) course designation descirpiton. 
  2. Members will create process for approving CEL courses and implimentation plan. 


Group: Shauna Carlise, Gülru Özkan-Seely, Kim Wilson, Kara Adams, Deanna Kennedy 
Scope: This working group will consider the key indicators of community engagement and advise the administration on benchmarks and strategies of assessment use.

  1. Members will review current assessment approaches and data used at UW Bothell and others. 
  2. Members will consider plans for indicator selection, benchmarking or standards. 
  3. Members will create a data use agreement for external research purposes and for institutional data usage. 
  4. Members will develop a plan for sharing assessment indicators through the Community Engagement Annual Report to be provided to community partners, faculty, staff, and students.