26th Annual Commencement Ceremoney

Thank you to the students and families who participated in our 26th commencement ceremony.

Commencement 2017 

Congratulations to the Class of 2017! Nearly 1,400 of this year’s 2,000 graduates participated in the 26th Commencement Ceremony on Tuesday, June 13. Check out the full video of our commencement ceremony.

Congratulations again to our newest alumni! Be sure to visit our UW Bothell alumni page and facebook page!

Meet the Medalists | #UWBGRAD17

Students are nominated for the award which recognizes an individual who has been a consistent source of inspiration for faculty and fellow students alike, and has overcome significant obstacles or endured major burdens in order to complete a bachelor’s degree, a graduate or post‐baccalaureate degree, or certificate program.

President's Medalist -
Lingling Yuan

Chancellor's Medalist -
Kyra Laughlin

Chancellor's Medalist -
Erica Qiao

Meet the graduates

We caught up with some graduates and asked them to share a bit about their time here and their post-grad plans.

Members of UW Bothell Class of 2017 share post-grad plans 

Abdikani Ali

Farah Hasan

Evan White