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International Student Emergency Contact Form

The CIE Office strongly encourages all international students to submit an Emergency Contact Form, which includes the contact information of a family member in your home country. It is OK if the emergency contact doesn't speak English.

Update your international emergency contact information here.

Concerned for a Friend, Roommate or Classmate?

UW Bothell has the CARE Team. This is a safe and secure way to inform the campus that you are concerned about the well-being of others, such as a friend, classmate, roommate, professor or staff member.

Submit a report to the CARE Team here.

International Student Emergency Plan

This is a short guide for potential emergencies. We hope that you will not have an emergency while you are studying at UW Bothell; however, if it occurs please follow these instructions to make sure everyone can help you.

General Emergencies

  1. Contact the CIE office at 425-352-3876 /
  2. CIE will alert the CARE Team and your Academic Advisor

Accident Off Campus

  1. Call 9-1-1 for life-threatening situations
  2. Contact the CIE office at 425-352-3876 /
  3. CIE will alert the CARE Team and work together to determine what kind of support to provide.

Accident On-Campus

  1. Call Campus Safety at 425-352-5359
  2. Campus Safety will alert the CIE office.

Crisis in Home Country

  1. Contact the CIE office at 425-352-3876 /
  2. CIE will alert the CARE Team and your Academic Advisor
  3. CIE will communicate with you and provide support.

Earthquake or Other Natural Disasters

  • You should build a kit of food, water and clothes that can be used to keep you safe at home for at least one week.

  • Seek shelter to stay safe, and stay where you are until you know it is safe to go outside.

  • If there is internet:

    • Use the Facebook Crisis Response feature to mark yourself safe.

      • In Facebook, click on Crisis Response and then click the Crisis page. You can then select yourself as "safe".

      • Tell other students to use this feature as well.

      • CIE will try to account for all international students through this feature.​

    • Check the UW Bothell homepage for alerts at

  • If there is NO internet, stay in a safe location.

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