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Jen Kim

Primary International Student Advisor for:  

  • Undergraduate students in the School of STEM

  • All Graduate students

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141217A-002-(1).jpgA little about me....

Hometown: I was born in Baltimore, Maryland and lived in Towson, MD until I was in high school when we moved to rural Maryland.

Studied / Lived Abroad: I studied abroad in Prague in the Czech Republic in my 3rd year of university. After I graduated, I joined the JET program and lived in Shimane Prefecture for 2 years teaching English to middle school students. I also spent 3 months in Kenya teaching English/Literature at a rural all-girls high school.

A few of my hobbies: Eating, cooking, reading, spending time with my husband and family, walking my dog, travel, planting vegetables and pruning trees. 

My favorite apps: My podcast app- I LOVE podcasts- especially Fresh Air from NPR.

Something I love about Seattle: The most beautiful summer weather in the country!

My favorite store: I love grocery stores- the more interesting, delicious stuff, the better!

My first job: Roy Rogers- this is a fast food restaurant selling fried chicken and roast beef sandwiches. They don't have them on the west coast. Perfect high school job. 

I bet you never knew that I: I want to write a screenplay for a movie!