Meet the Board

Board Members Will:

  • Represent the voice of the international student community at UWB.
  • Act as an accessible and visible resource for the international student community.
  • Create a supportive intercultural learning community among international students and domestic students.
  • Present the need of international students to the campus community.
  • Perform as community leaders to encourage open discussions, collect feedbacks, advocate for the needs, and enhance the visibility of the international student body.

Responsibilities of ISAB Board Members:

  • Participate on-campus international events.
  • Attend monthly ISAB meetings based on schedule.
  • Collaborate to hold at least 1 forum a year to discuss international community issues for possible solutions.

Membership Disciplines:

  • More than two unexcused absences from regularly scheduled ISAB meetings are grounds for dismissal.
  • Board membership is valid for one academic year but could be renewable upon the agreement from the Director of the Center for International Education.


  • The ISAB board members work in teams to focus on different areas of support and advocacy for international students.  The 2017-18 board members are working on the following 3 teams:

Team 1: They are working on the projects related to international student life and student engagement and involvements. You are welcome to reach out to them at

Sabira Kaheerman 

Hi everyone! My name is Sabira. I’m from Urumqi, China. I am a junior student, majoring Biology. I graduated from South Seattle College and transferred to UWB. I have been living in the United States for more than 2 years. I joined ISAB with no hesitation. ISAB is a great platform speaks for international students. During these two years, I had many experience in student life, club engagement, and hosting events. I know it is not easy to study abroad. We want all international student have the best experience and get the best services at school. I will work my best with other ISAB members, represent and help international students regarding student life, academic life, and career life.


Rithik Bansal

I am Rithik Bansal and I am from India. I pursued my high school studies in Singapore under a scholarship and have travelled to Vietnam, Malaysia and Russia. As you might have figured out, I am an international student here at University of Washington, Bothell intending to major in Computer Science. (Still trying to figure out how to pronounce my name – Imagine the word “Re-think”, now remove the n. There you go.) I joined ISAB in order to gather, refine and update relevant information, resources for the international student community at our university.  It is targeted at international students specifically because we know the struggles of moving into a foreign environment and our organization aims to make that transition as smooth as possible. Don’t hesitate to approach me or other members on the board if you need any help.



Muhammad Ali

Hello! My name is Muhammad Ali. I am junior electrical engineering student.The reason why I joined ISAB is to make a change to benefit our international students on campus. I want to show appreciation and welcome atmosphere to the students who have come to here from all over the world with diverse thoughts and prospective to our community. As well as empowering their voices and including them to campus organizations and decision making which will result in building better personal skills and bringing global experience to my fellow students.


Team 2: They are working on the projects related to the academic life of international students. You are welcome to reach out team 2 at


Michael Liu

Hello! My name is Michael, a current senior student majoring in Business and concentrating in Finance. Other than going to classes, I love to play any sports, especially Basketball. I am excited as being a part of the international student advisory board, it gives me an opportunitiy to reach out to international students and interact with them in variaty of ways. With the strong diversity feature of UWB, internationals student will have cross-cultural experiences. Along with the mission statement of ISAB, we represent international student bodies and their voices on campus. If you have any ideas and thoughts about enriching the international student community, don’t hesitate to share with us!


Brian Tobing

My name is Brian Tobing and I’m currently a junior for the class of 2019. I’m an international student from Indonesia who deeply enjoys business, music, sports, and the outdoors. I wanted to become a part of the ISAB because I understand the additional difficulties that being an international student comes with. Being part of a large international community, I’ve seen that year after year the same problems and issues continue to repeat themselves. My ultimate goal as a member of this organization is to give international students the full experience of being a student studying abroad. Through culture, education, and language I aim to make transitioning much easier so students are able to immerse themselves as UW students and in the U.S. In general. I’m both happy and excited to be a part of this opportunity and organization.



Sunny Lim

I'm Yee San "Sunny" Lim, a junior from Malaysia double-majoring in Community Psychology and Society, Ethics and Human Behavior. I'm involved in providing academic-related advice and resources for international students as ISAB. I'd join ISAB to help international students find the best resources and guidance in their transition to UWB and the U.S. I'm the first in my family to study psychology and the first to study aboard as well.






Bayasgalan Narantugs

I am Baysaa, currently a senior working towards his degree in Business Administration, focusing in Finance and Economics. Currently, I works as the Club Council Treasurer within Student Engagement Activities. I had been involved with Delta Sigma Pi, Golden Key and Tau Sigma. Outside of school, I volunteer for Mongolian Youth Union of Seattle, a non-profit organization, hoping to create better environment for his community. After graduation, I am planning to do research with an aim to start my own business back in my country. Joining ISAB makes passionate because I hope to use my past expeirence as being an international students to guide new students and to enrich their experience here at UWB.





Team 3: They are working the projects related to the career development of international students. You are welcome to reach out to team 3 at


Miriam Mnyuku:

Hi my name is Miriam, I am a senior in Electrical Engineering and originally from Tanzania. Through the International Student Advisory Board (ISAB), I hope to develop a stronger network of International Students on Campus and work on international students’ employment issues. Furthermore, as a part of ISAB I want to share my experiences with other international students to make sure they are taking full advantages of the opportunities available to them at UWB.





Saki Kambayashi

My name is Saki. I am a senior student in Business Finance and minoring in Economics. I’m in Team 3 (Career) of ISAB. As much as I know the struggle of getting a job, I want to be a helpful resource for international students to grab the successful future as well as general success of college life. International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) can contribute international students in various ways, education, student life, and career path which I believe you all want to be involved with. This is why I joined ISAB.

A little bit about myself, I am from Japan and I love coffee, football (Go Seahawks) and doing nails. Interesting fact is that you can find my nails painted all year around with different designs.Having something you are deeply into makes your life much more exciting and makes you more confident. Int’l students hold great potentials and risks, but study hard, play hard and enjoy your life as hard as you can!

I am so excited to connect with all Int’l students!


Joy Yao:

Hi y’all, my name is Joy. Yes, I am the Joy, the one who involved on this campus a lot and enjoy helping people self-develop and grow. I am a senior student major in Accounting. The reason that I join ISAB is that I want to contribute myself to this program, become one of the resources for students, help more international students solve problems, get involved, and become successful in different areas. I am really into watching movies in my spare time and collecting movie tickets. Come to say “Hi” if you see me around the campus. I’d love to know you more!