Center for International Education

Vacation Quarter

What is Vacation Quarter?

A vacation quarter is a quarter when you are not registered as a full-time student, but will be enrolling in courses the following quarter. During vacation quarter, you can chose to go home, stay in the U.S., enroll in part-time classes or decide not to take any classes. You must intend to register full-time at UW Bothell for the following quarter after your vacation quarter. Please note, unused vacation quarters do not accumulate or "roll over." For example, if you enroll full-time for six consecutive quarters, you cannot take two vacation quarters in one academic year.

When am I Eligible for a Vacation Quarter?

You are eligible for vacation quarter after you have studied full time for three quarters in a row prior to the vacation quarter. Most students will study full-time in Fall, Winter, and Spring and then take Summer as their vacation quarter. For transfer students, the time you spent studying full-time at your previous school before coming to UW Bothell can count toward the requirement. However, you must contact your primary International Student Advisor at the Center for International Education to verify your previous full-time enrollment – do not automatically assume you are eligible.


Can I Take a Vacation Quarter this Summer?

Summer is the most common vacation quarter, and CIE recommends that you take Summer as your vacation quarter due to limited course offerings and programming on campus. To be eligible, you must have studied full-time in the previous Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters.

For students who started at UW Bothell in Winter or Spring Quarter, you must consult with the Center for International Education on your eligibility. Only if you began at UW Bothell on an “Initial Attendance” I-20, will be eligible to use your first Summer Quarter as your vacation quarter.

What if I am Not Eligible for Vacation Quarter but I Need to Take a Quarter Off (such as taking Vacation Quarter in Fall, Winter or Spring)?

Things can come up academically or personally, and you may find yourself in a situation where you need to take a quarter (or more) off from your studies. In this case, you must contact the Center for International Education and we will advise you accordingly to your specific situation.

Can I Take My Final Quarter at UWB as My Vacation Quarter?

If you are completing your program, you may not take your final quarter as vacation. You are, however, eligible to enroll less than full time during your final quarter if fewer courses are needed to graduate. You should talk with your Primary International Student Advisor about completing a Reduced Course Load Form with your Academic Advisor.

Health Insurance

If you have not purchased the annual (12 month) coverage of the UW International Student Health Insurance Plan, please make sure you purchase other health insurance that will cover you during your vacation quarter. Contact the International Student Health Insurance Counselor for help with your insurance options.

Can I work during my Vacation Quarter?

A vacation quarter is only if you are a current student and intend to enroll the following quarter. During a vacation quarter, the F1 visa regulations allow you to work up to 40 hours per week for an on-campus job or approved CPT internship. Please consult with your International Student Advisor or our employment information page for further details.

If you have graduated and want to continue to work an on-campus job at UW Bothell, you must receive OPT work authorization approval from USCIS and meet other OPT job requirements. This F1 visa regulation is different than the UW policy for on-campus employment. Please consult with your International Student Advisor for further details.