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Where Can I Use My Insurance?

Where Can I Go for Medical Help?

• Use the In-Network Providers Search Engine
An online search database provides a listing to help you find in Washington a provider that LifeWise Insurance prefers you to go to (called an “in-network provider”). If you go to an in-network provider, LifeWise Insurance will help to cover more for your medical expenses. You can search for a clinic, pharmacy, docotor or hospital by location, languages spoken by the docotor, etc.  

Teladoc - Talk with a Doctor via Phone or Video Conference
Save time by not having to go to a clinic or waiting for a doctor's appointment. This service is included in your iSHIP coverage. Using your UW student ID #, create an account at Teledoc phone consultations are covered according to the in-network benefit (75% coverage after you meet your $100 quarterly deductible). Each consultation costs a flat rate of $40 or less, this is before insurance is applied. You can also download the Teladoc App !

Insurance Policy Benefits

Summary of Benefits & Benefits Booklet for UW Bothell Students
Includes information about how much the insurance costs, what is and is not covered in the insurance plan, how to file an insurance claim, how to use in-network providers, and more.   

Frequently Asked Questions (2017-18 Insurance Brochure)

Should I Go to an Urgent Care Clinic or Emergency Room?

The nearest Urgent Care Clinic to UW Bothell that is part of the LifeWise Assurance Company network is: Evergreen Urgent Care Center, located at 16916 140th Avenue NE, Suite 200, Woodinville, WA  98072. From UW Bothell, you can take Bus #372.