Cost & Dates of Coverage

Cost of Coverage

The 2018-2019 academic year student cost is $379 per quarter. CIE recommends that you purchase the "Annual Coverage", which will enroll you in the health insurance for the entire academic year rather than enrolling each quarter. This will make sure that you have health insurance coverage during your vacation quarter. You can not purchase iSHIP if you are not enrolled in UW classes.

If you need to enroll your spouse and/or children, there is an additional cost.

Dates of Coverage

Coverage dates for the current academic year are provided at:

CIE encourages all students to purchase the insurance plan for the entire year to ensure coverage year-round, even during your vacation quarter.

If you need short term coverage before classes begin you may purchase short term coverage through the ISHIP plan beginning in summer quarter. Private insurance is also available from several sources, and we encourage you to review the list of current companies (bottom of the webpage under "Other Insurance Plans".

Insurance Coverage After You Graduate 

Students should make every effort to be insured during their entire stay in the U.S., including grace periods and while authorized on Optional Practical Training. Students who do not receive health insurance through their OPT employer, can consider private insurance providers listed under "Other Insurance Plans".

These companies specalize in working with international students, and some have special coverage options for students on OPT (such as ISO Insurance).