Center for International Education

Enrollment Requirements

Full Course of Study

You must pursue a full course of study each quarter to maintain lawful status. A "full course of study" is 12 or more credits per quarter for undergraduates, and 10 or more credits per quarter for graduate students. 

In your final quarter you may take as few credits as required to complete your degree as long as you register for at least one credit and receive authorization for a reduced course load from the Center for International Education in advance. An online class cannot be the only class on your final quarter schedule.

Online & Hybrid Courses

Online: The majority of your credits per quarter must always be in-person courses. If you were to take an online or hybrid class, then the majority of your other credits that quarter must be in-person courses. For example, 5 credit online/hybrid class and 10 credits of in-person courses is OK. During your last quarter (graduation quarter), you cannot enroll in only an online course. 

Hybrid: If the majority of the hybrid course is online, then this course would be considered an online course and you must follow the rules about online courses (as stated above). If the majority of the hybrid course is physically in-class, then it is not considered an "online" course. 

S/NS Grading Option

Per UW policy, a student can only use the S/NS grading option up to 20 credits total during their time at UW Bothell. Thus, CIE advises students to use this grading option carefully. 

Reduced Course Load

You may enroll part-time due to valid academic/medical reasons (if it meets requirements by immigration) during a quarter if you obtain a Reduced Course Load authorization from the Center for International Education. The RCL must be received and approved within the first 30-days of the quarter you wish to apply the RCL. You must discuss with an advisor to determine if you are eligible for the benefit.

Do not register for fewer than the required number of credits or withdraw from a course without first receiving permission from the Center for International Education. 

Vacation Quarter

You may take a vacation quarter and remain in the U.S. if you have completed three full-time consecutive quarters and are eligible and intend to register for the quarter following the vacation. We recommend that you take summer as your annual vacation due to limited course offerings. You cannot take vacation in your final quarter.

A student who arrives in the U.S. for the first time and begins their study at UW Bothell in winter or spring quarter may take their first summer as a vacation quarter. However, please confirm your eligibility to do so with your international student advisor.

Academic Deficiency

You must maintain “good” academic standing while a student in the United States. Meet your Professor, Program Advisor and/or CIE if you are having difficulty in your courses. It is better to receive a grade of “F” in a class than to drop the class and fall below full-time status.

Withdrawal from Courses

To cancel all your courses in the middle of a quarter, you must complete an Official Withdrawal form through the Registrars Office (Husky Hall Room 1130), and meet with CIE. You can request a Leave of Absence here: Once your withdrawal is approved, you must depart the U.S. within 15 days to maintain status, except for authorized medical reduced course load.