Center for International Education


Reporting your OPT Employment

Students on OPT are only allowed 90 days total of unemployment. It is critical that you report where you are working, and any time there is a change in your employment or contact information (such as home address, phone number or email). Immigration will automatically terminate a student's I-20 once 90 days of unemployment is accumulated. There are two ways that you can report your employment: 

Option 1: SEVP Portal Account

Starting in April 2018, students on OPT and STEM OPT will be able to create an online SEVP Portal Account. Using this account, students will be able to directly information immigration about their employment and local address.

Are you having troubles or looking for information about the SEVP Portal Account? Check out Study in the State's Portal Help section for more information. If the portal set-up access link has expired, you can email us and we can reset it for you. 

Option 2: OPT Employment Update Form

By completing this online form with the Center for International Education office, we will update your record with immigration so that they know you are working.

Career Services Available to Alumni

For up to two years after you graduate, students can utilize the resources and services from UW Bothell's Career Center.  

Find Companies Hiring Int'l Students

This database helps you find internships or jobs in the U.S, or even if you are looking to work in another country.

Tips for Interviewing in the U.S.

Do I have to tell them that I am an international student? What questions will an employer ask me? We encourage you to our helpful Interview Tips handout, and also review Career Center's helpful Legal & Illegal Interview Questions resource to understand your rights on what information you do and don't need to provide a prospective employer.

UW Bothell Int'l Student Alumni on LinkedIn

Students are working in various fields with companies either locally, or across the U.S.! Also, you definitely need to join CIE's special UWB International Student LinkedIn Group to connect with other international student alum who are working, and to help with your job search.