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Student Clubs, Organizations, and Competition Teams

Gray Hats at UW Bothell

Gray Hats is a cybersecurity club for undergraduate students who want to learn more about technical issues in cybersecurity at UW Bothell.
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What do Gray Hats do?

  • Compete in Capture-The-Flag (CTF) competitions sponsored by Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft
  • Walk through hacking assessments as a group in order to learn from other club member strengths.
  • Use specialized technical equipment in order to increase understanding of current technological trends (i.e. Stingray)
  • Discuss new technologies in white papers and interpret the benefits and drawbacks of the technology  

Types of training:

  • Conduct live training on multiple vulnerability defense and exploitation tools, on both Linux and Windows
  • Conduct training on different types of exploitations like SQL injections and buffer overruns
  • Employ hands on training with industry type technologies, such as firewalls, operating systems (i.e. Kali) and access points (i.e. routers and switches)


  • Participated in the Pacific Rim Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition 
  • Many students find excellent jobs through the connections they make during the competitions

Where do Gray Hats meet?

  • Location : UW1 321, Cyber Security Computer Lab
  • Contact: Brent Lagesse at
  • Time: TBD

What kind of Experience is needed?

No experience is needed.  There are plenty of opportunities for education at all skill levels within a variety of technical cyber-related issues. 


  • OWASP is a professional association of global members and is open to anyone interested in learning more about software security.
  • The UW Bothell OWASP Chapter aims to be an educational resource for the community, emphasizing collaboration with other technology and security organizations.
  • Cyber Security Engineering graduate students are encouraged to participate.

Contact Information:

  • Faculty Advisor: Geetha Thamilarasu:
  • OWASP Bothell Chapter webpage.


Batman's Kitchen, UW Capture-the-Flag Team


What they do:

Batman's Kitchen is a UW Capture-the-Flag (CTF) team. They compete in CTF competitions locally and internationally and hold regular meetups at the University to practice breaking/hacking stuff and learn about computer security topics.

CTF is a sort of computer security competition. Common topics include web exploitation, reverse engineering, forensics, and more.
How to get involved:
Newcomers who have no experience but just want to learn are totally welcome. Come visit, and you'll learn a ton.
Batman's Kitchen meetings are generally on Wednesdays at 6:00 PM in CSE 203 (UW Seattle). Usually there will be a speaker from the local Seattle computer security industry to come in to talk about something. Sign up for our mailing list to know the topic ahead of time, or to be aware of any scheduling or room changes.
Contact Information:
  • batman-(1).jpg2016 Nov 21: Batman’s Kitchen teaches UW students how to play cybersecurity. Batman’s Kitchen is a student-driven security hacker competition group that involves around 700 current students and alumni from the three UW campuses. Read UW news article.
  • 2016 November 15: Cybercrime-fighters of Batman’s Kitchen cook up a 3rd place finish at CSAW 2016. Batman’s Kitchen became cybersecurity superheroes when they earned third place at the U.S. finals of Capture-the-Flag at Cyber Security Awareness Week. Read full article.
  • 2016 October 5: World’s Best Student Hackers Advance to Final Rounds of NYU Cyber Security Awareness Week Games. UW Batman's Kitchen advances to the final rounds at the U.S. Capture-the-Flag Cybersercurity Awareness Week hosted by New York University.  Read NYU article.
  • 2013 March 8-10: UW wins Hawaiian “Big Splash” Cyber Defense Competition. Teams were given a scenario of critical infrastructure in a business setting to defend against attacks by hackers (the red team) while also completing injects throughout the three-day competition.The competition is designed to bring practitioners in industry and government together with students in a competition environment.  Read more.


Video: Interview with Batman's Kitchen

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