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Mastering the Initialisms

  • CAE - National Centers of Academic Excellence
  • CAE-C - National CAE in Cybersecurity
  • CAE-CD - National CAE in Cyber Defense
  • CAE-CDE - National CAE in Cyber Defense Education
  • CAE-2Y - National CAE in Cyber Defense Two-Year Education
  • CAE-CO - National CAE in Cyber Operations
  • CAE-IAE - National CAE in Information Assurance Education
  • CAE-R - National CAE in Cyber Defense Research
  • CIA Triad - Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability
  • CSS - Central Security Service
  • DHS - Department of Homeland Security
  • KSAs - Knowledge, skills and abilities
  • KUs - Knowledge units
  • NICCS - National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies
  • NICE - National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education
  • NIST - National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • NSA - National Security Agency

Mapping the CAEs
The CAE Community is a portal for CAEs but also displays public pages such as the national list of CAEs and an interactive map.

NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NCWF)
The Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (AKA the NIST/NICE Framework) is foundational to CAEs planning for curricula for new professionals. The Framework is organized around seven high-level Categories of cybersecurity work. The Framework drills down to Specialty Areas within the Categories, and finally to details of Competencies; Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities; Tasks; and Job Titles.

NICCS publishes the Framework in an easy-to-navigate format, drilling down to the details and linking to pertinent courses at accredited colleges and universities.

The Framework also is the organizing feature for a new interactive website called Cyber Seek, which tracks employment listings for cybersecurity.

Knowledge Units (KUs)
Core to the CAE's mapping to the NICE Framework is the set of KUs, or knowledge units.

Courses in Cybersecurity
NICCS publishes an interactive guide to the many courses available for the Framework categories and specialty areas: NICCS Education and Training Catalog

CAEs can become part of the NICCS catalog through an online form for vendors.


CAE Tech Talks

Every month CAE Tech Talks provide a forum where subject matter experts from the field and from academia can present research and information on a spectrum of cybersecurity topics.

To see past recorded talks and videos visit: Capitol Live.

Visit the Tech Talk home page for the calendar and live stream.

Live streaming is usually scheduled at 10:10AM PST, on the third Thursday of the month. Login as Guest and enter your name.