Minor in Chemistry

UWB students in general chemistry lab

Why Minor in Chemistry?

The Chemistry minor at UW Bothell provides students with an understanding of the fundamental principles of the chemical sciences through a combination of coursework and practical laboratory experience. Students gain a working knowledge of the principles of Chemistry and the methodologies needed to solve complex problems and communicate their ideas to the scientific community in general. A minor in Chemistry is beneficial to students majoring in fields such as biology, physics, engineering, environmental science, and mathematics, and those preparing for further study in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, biotechnology, and forensics. It is also an asset for students considering professional work in laboratory or manufacturing fields where background and experience in chemistry is valuable.

Declaring a Chemistry Minor

UW Bothell students from any major may pursue a minor in Chemistry. There are no prerequisites to fulfill before one may declare the minor. To declare the minor, fill out the Change of Major or Minor form and then meet with the Chemistry Advisor. To schedule an appointment with the advisor, stop by the School of STEM front desk at DISC 352 or contact them by phone at 425-352-3746 or by email at STEMadv@uw.edu.

Course Requirements

The minor in chemistry requires completion of 18 General Chemistry credits:

  • B CHEM 143 & 144: General Chemistry I & lab
  • B CHEM 153 & 154: General Chemistry II & lab
  • B CHEM 163 & 164: General Chemistry III & lab

In addition, a minimum of 30 credits of 200-, 300-, and 400-level Chemistry courses are required. Students may take any Chemistry (B CHEM) courses offered at UWB, including courses in areas such as biochemistry, analytical chemistry, atmospheric chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. A maximum of 5 credits of independent study (B CHEM 498) and/or undergraduate research (B CHEM 499) may also count towards the Chemistry minor.

Chemistry Course Descriptions

Graduating with a Minor

When applying for graduation, the student's major program advisor will list the minor requirements on the graduation application. Upon graduation, the minor will be indicated on the student's transcript but will not appear on the diploma.