Innovation Forum: The House of Language: Micro-intervention


The House of Language: Micro-intervention

The Strangest Measure: Heidegger on Hölderlin

Monday, 2/11, 3:00pm-3:30pm




Presenter: Gray Kochhar-Lindgren, Associate Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Learning and Professor of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

This conversation will offer a brief commentary on Martin Heidegger’s essay “…poetically human beings dwell…,” which is his reading of a poem by Friedrich Hölderlin. We will focus on the exceedingly strange argument that it is poetry that provides the most rigorous possible measure for our life on earth.

Further information:

This presentation is part of the ongoing exhibits for the 2013 Innovation Forum: Engaging Design.

The House of Language, held in UW1-361, will offer a series of micro-interventions of 10-25 minutes—poetry, philosophy, translations, music, writing, and dance—as well as visual art installations that will be open during the entire Forum. In each instance, the hope is to ignite thought about the power, beauty, and inscrutability of language.

The Failure Room, held in UW1-103, will offer a series of reflections on the necessity and the implications of failure for all forms of innovation, including the arts, business, and engineering. While everyone wants her project to succeed, a stage toward that end always involves constraints, breakdowns, and glitches. And, at times, the failure is the only form of success possible. The installations and activities in this room will explore these enigmas.

Broadening the Reach, held in UW2-307, connects the campus with towns and cities in the region. It focuses on the merchants in downtown Bothell, on the art projects students undertook that focused on those merchants, on the Progressive Design Project: A Regional and Global Interactive Map, Computing and Progression in Creative Design, Designing a Culture of Service, and on a Series of InterArts and Collaborative Design Projects on Water. UW Bothell, rather than the staid image of the university as an ivory tower, is, instead, a site of opening and collaboration with community connections across all disciplines.