Innovation Forum: Learning Design


Learning Design

Monday, 2/11, 11:00am-1:00pm


Registration Recommended, Seating Limited


Decentering the University: From Student-Centered Classrooms to Student-Centered Institutions

Presenter: David Goldstein, PhD, Senior Lecturer and Director of Teaching and Learning Center

Many colleges and universities have begun to shift their orientation from teaching-centered (privileging the teacher and the content) to student-centered (designing courses and curricula based on students’ perspectives, needs, and desires). I wish to suggest that higher education needs to take the next step, to acknowledge the campus as only one locus of student learning out of many. Students learn from all aspects of their lives, and higher education institutions should focus on helping students connect what they learn not only in the curriculum and co-curriculum, but also in their families, workplaces, friendships, houses of worship, etc.


Constructing Physics Knowledge by Flipping the Classroom and Using Peer Teaching and Learning

Presenter: Erin Hill, PhD, Director of Quantitative Skills Center

Using a model of information gathering outside of class, and sense-making inside the classroom in small groups and as a whole, students can construct their own and others’ physics knowledge, learn valuable, transferable study skills, and model how to work together effectively in teams. This workshop will mimic these key methods, followed by a discussion of the experience.