Innovation Forum: Story Design


Story Design

Monday, 2/11, 4:00pm-6:00pm

Library 205

Registration Recommended, Seating Limited


Hollywood Stripper Stories: can films about exotic dancers be feminist?

Presenters: Kari Lerum, PhD, Associate Professor and Ruth Gregory, MFA, Lecturer

Hollywood filmmaking, by design, is male dominated and films by, for, and about men leave little room for female characters and experiences.  In this presentation we will be looking at the ramifications of Classic Hollywood Narrative Structure that excludes women and women’s stories (if they do not center around men and romance) and then how in the process of doing an interdisciplinary study we found a female-centered space in a surprising place - films featuring exotic dancers or strippers.  Our preliminary findings have presented us with a feminist paradox since feminist film scholars have notably dismissed films where the women’s bodies on display as being a part of The Male Gaze.


Telling Stories through Image Theatre

Presenter: Karen Gourd, PhD, Assistant Professor

This interactive workshop will use image theatre as a means to explore personal, educational, and social narratives. Image theatre is one of the tools of Theatre of the Oppressed developed by Brazilian dramatist, Augusto Boal, intended to empower participants to change oppressive situations.