Innovation Forum: Dance Designs, Patterns, and Steps


Design in the Arts

Wednesday, 2/13, 2:15-4 PM, NCEC

Registration Recommended, Seating Limited

Dance Designs, Patterns, and Steps

Presenter: JoLynn Edwards, PhD, Professor of Art History & Comparative Arts

A brief overview of the complexities of choreography in the European and American traditions for the solo dancer and the multiple formations forms the basis of Professor Edwards talk with slides from ballet, modern, and post-modern dance.

Laser Pointer Tag

Presenter: Ted Hiebert, PhD, Assistant Professor

Laser Pointer Tag is a project designed to kick-start the creative process in a sophomore level photography class. The presentation will focus on how an artistic prompt can be designed both as a creativity challenge and as a learning moment for technical and experimental growth. The focus will be on project design, with the Laser Pointer Tag project serving as a visual and theoretical case study.

Print, Cut, Paste: DIY mini-books driven by language 

Presesnter: Amaranth Borsuk, PhD, Senior Lecturer

Even as digital reading and publishing technologies proliferate, interest in hands-on book making and book arts grows. In this session, learn a little bit about book arts and make a tiny book from a single sheet of paper using a text generated collaboratively by participants. You'll be able to recreate this technique at home, and perhaps make a valentine for your special someone.

Design in the Arts/Music

Wednesday, 2/13, 4:00pm-5:30pm

Mobius Hall

Registration Recommended, Seating Limited


Refreshments and Performance

Chaos and Control: Form in 17th-century Music

Presenters: Ingrid Matthews and Byron Schenkman, Early Music Guild

Ingrid Matthews and Byron Schenkman, co-directors of the Seattle Baroque
Orchestra, will the development of instrumental form in the Baroque era
from the Stylus Fantasticus of the early 17th century through the common
practice harmony of Arcangelo Corelli. Musical examples will include
sonatas for violin and continuo by Dario Castello, Heinrich Schmelzer, and
Arcangelo Corelli.