Innovation Forum: Learning Design


Learning Design: Connecting Cities and Campuses Workshop #2

Thursday, 2/14, 11:00am-1:00pm

Center for Serious Play

Registration Required, Seating Limited


Imagination and Contemplaytion across Arts and Sciences of Motion Capture

Workshop Leaders: Jason Pace, Director for the Center for Serious Play; Carol Strohecker, Director for Center for Design Innovation, University of North Carolina System


Abstract and Guiding Question

Our technology designs increasingly meld metaphors of embodied and virtual existence, as boundaries become more porous between our physical and digital lives. Yet, as digital and virtual communication and rich data exchanges increasingly permeate our daily activities, we often forego the potential of inspiration from the multi-sensory and the innovations it could yield. Instead we favor speed and efficiency and , too often, the results are overly abstract and insufficiently engaging.

Our guiding question, then, is: how can we leverage knowledge from an appropriate range of disciplines in order to involve the senses, maximize communication situations, and enhance creative problem solving and innovation in order to create inspirational interactive technologies?

Workshop Challenge

How might we broaden the reach of what we often deem as pragmatic handoffs of data through engaging in new laboratory and workshop explorations? As the first phase of investigating the possibilities, we invite you to join us in a series of workshop processes on Imagination and Contemplaytion across Arts and Sciences of Motion Capture.

We will use a modified form of the RSVP design cycle process (first developed by Lawrence and Anna Halprin) in order to investigate our workshop challenge.