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Innovation Forum 2013

Innovation Forum

Innovation Forum Day 3

Day Three Highlights

"Chaos and Control: Form in 17th-Century Music," featured performances by Ingrid Matthews and Byron Schenkman, co-directors of the Seattle Baroque Orchestra. The musicians performed the music of the early 17th century through the common practice harmony of Archangelo Corelli. The pair also performed sonatas for violin and continuo by Dario Castello and Heinrich Schmelzer.

Innovation Forum Day 2

Day Two Highlights

The experience of growing old will look different for everyone, but presenters at Tuesday's Healthy Aging and Design workshop say among many things, it should include choices, respect, dignity and the opportunity for healthy living.

Innovation Forum Day 1

Day One Highlights

What do a musician, semi-pro soccer player and a physicist have in common? They enjoy creating prototypes for life-changing, world-changing products.


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Innovation Forum 2013: Engaging Design

February 11-14, 2013

The 2013 Innovation Forum assembled a broad audience from around the region— faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members—to engage in a deep dialogue and exchange on wide-ranging engagement with the process of design.

While there is no universally accepted definition of design, for our purposes “design” includes both human and natural phenomena.

  • Design can be defined as creating the plan, drawing, schema, strategy, or process for making an object, event, or experience.
  • Design can also refer to the occurrence of patterns in diverse spheres across the arts, humanities, the social and natural sciences, business, education, mathematics, and engineering.
This is a signature event for the University of Washington Bothell. Holding an event of this magnitude affirms our role as a thought leader and an institution focused on innovation and creativity. Kenyon Chan, UW Bothell Chancellor.
The Innovation Forum is a dynamic opportunity for us all to engage in a range of exciting conversations and projects on design across disciplines, communities and geographies. Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren, Director, 2013 Innovation Forum.