Working Groups

Community Engagement Council Working Groups (2020-2021)

Community Engagement Awards Selection Group

Group: Linda Watts, Bryanna Bui, Maria Lamarca Anderson, Becky Range

  1. This group is only active in Winter Quarter, but meets more frequently in Winter. This group needs one student, one community partner, one faculty, and one staff member.
  2. This group will use the established processes and rubric to determine the winners of this year’s Outstanding Community Engaged Scholar Award and Outstanding Public Service Award.

Community Engagement & Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

Group: Raissa DeSmet, Kim Wilson, Theodora O. Sofowora, Diana Johns, Rana San, Maureen West, Layla Taylor, Kara Adams

  1. To advance the action plan item with direct or indirect recommendation for or implementation of initiatives. Action Plan Item: “articulate a diversity, equity, and inclusion community engagement partnership approach. This could include articulating and developing methods for how we engage in partnerships, who we engage in partnership, and why we engage in partnership. Example outcomes could be rubrics, workshops, developing and revising processes and policies. This work links to fac-staff development and partnership strategy above but will take unique resources to implement."
  2. What are foundational principals of equitable partnerships, how do we make sure we are in ethical relationships with our partners. What are our practices, framework to communicate this.
  3. Understand the demographics and missions of the community (socioeconomic status, race) in which we embed/partner, intentionally and unintentionally. 
  4. Recommend indicators of that the CE Council can use to assess efforts in this area.

Curriculum & Co-Curriculum 

Group: Sam Al-Khoury, Natalia Dyba, Paola Rodriquez Hidalgo, Layla Taylor, Kara Adams
Scope: To contribute to:

  • The tri-campus work on a Community Engaged Learning (CEL) course designation,
  • Work with Campus Council on Academic Standards & Curriculum (CCASC) in the development of a process for course designating, and
  • Recommend indicators that the CE Council can use to assess curricular/co-curricular practices.

Inclusive Scholarship

Group: Carolyn Brennan, Leslie Cornick, Juile Klein, Carrie Tzou, Jin-Kyu Jung, Gülru Özkan-Seely, Deanna, Kennedy

  1. To support the schools and other campus entities in moving forward work on the Inclusive Scholarship Statement by bringing to bear CE Council resources in terms of creating or providing feedback on materials and processes.
    • Examples: Partnership grid that helps faculty articulate partnership life cycle and development in P&T, partner letter template that demonstrates impact, support for faculty in crafting promotional narratives of their community engaged scholarship.
  2. Recommend indicators that the CE Council can use to assess inclusive scholarship practices.