Workforce Snohomish

Workforce Snohomish Site Visit
group photo at workforce snohomish

August 23, 2018

Over the summer, Deanna Kennedy, School of Business, Dan Jacoby, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Science, and Kara Adams, Director of Community Engagement met with the leadership of Workforce Snohomish to discuss potential collaborations between Workforce Snohomish and UW Bothell. The site visit was facilitated by Mary Houston, Director of Service Delivery at Workforce Snohomish, community partner representative on the UW Bothell Community Engagement Council, and also a UW Bothell Masters in Policy Studies alum. Workforce Snohomish has multiple existing touch points with UW Bothell, including the Chancellor’s Office, Institutional Research, Office of Research, and multiple Schools.

Workforce Snohomish invests government and private funding to continuously increase the global competitiveness and prosperity of our businesses and workforce, to fill current and emerging jobs, and to provide full employment. Their investments are made through effective business, labor, educational, community-based, and service provider organizations for the opportunity economic well-being, and benefit of our entire community. Workforce Snohomish is the local Workforce Investment Board responsible for oversight of the workforce investment system in Snohomish County.

Potential collaboration points included:

1. Students, faulty, and courses supporting research and projects around the following topical areas:

  • “apprenticeship programs” and “layoff aversion”
  • Snohomish County Blueprint: A Blueprint for Education, Workforce, & Economic Development
  • MIS and Wawin system – MIS courses or clubs

2. Identifying grants that mutually support the mission and goals of Workforce Snohomish and UW Bothell

3. Student internships (for and not-for credit opportunities)

If you know a faculty, class, or project that should connect with Workforce Snohomish, please contact Kara,, for introductions.

Written by Kara Adams, Director of Community Engagement