Chancellor's Cabinet

Chancellor’s Cabinet

Advises the Chancellor on general campus planning and issues; and acts as an information hub for all-campus leadership.

2020-21 Members

  • Wolf Yeigh, Chancellor and Professor
  • Lenina Arenas-Fuentes, Chief of Staff, Office of the Chancellor
  • Beth Beam, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Organizational Excellence & Human Resources
  • Djelli Berisha, President, ASUWB
  • Marie Blakey, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Marketing & Communications
  • Carolyn Brennan, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Sponsored Research and Connected Learning
  • Edward Buendia, Chair, Council of Academic Deans, Dean, School of Educational Studies
  • Emily Christian, Associate Dean, Student Affairs
  • Leslie Cornick, Dean, School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  • Shari Dworkin, Dean, School of Nursing & Health Studies
  • Tony Guerrero, Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Services & Campus Operations
  • Cinnamon Hillyard, Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Success
  • Scott James, Vice Chancellor, Enrollment Management & Student Affairs
  • Segan Jobe, Senior Director, Institutional Planning & Budget
  • Sharon Jones, Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
  • Sandeep Krishnamurthy, Dean, School of Business
  • Sarah Leadley, Director, UWB/CCC Library Assoc. Dean of Univ. Libraries, Libraries UWB/Cascadia
  • Christy Long, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer, Information Technologies
  • Sean Marsh, Interim Vice Chancellor, Advancement & External Relations
  • Ryan McIrvin, Chair, General Staff Organization, Assistant Director, Government & Community Relations
  • Jason Naranjo, Vice Chair, General Faculty Organization, Associate Professor, School of Educational Studies
  • Keith Nitta, Chair, General Faculty Organization, Associate Professor, School of STEM
  • Brinda Sarathy, Dean, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences
  • Gowri Shankar, Vice Chancellor, Planning & Administration
  • Adrian Sinkler, Director, Institutional Research
  • Caroline Titan, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Tim Wilson, Dean, Student Affairs
  • Kendra Yoshimoto, Director, Fiscal & Audit Services
*updated 7/6/21