Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Students

Chancellor’s Advisory Committee for Students (CACS)

An inclusive committee of undergraduate and graduate students, this group advises the chancellor on campus-wide budgets and major initiatives, including budget, tuition, enrollment management and campus planning.


  • Rochelle McElroy, School of Business representative, chair
  • Brandee Badgett, Nursing and Health Studies representative, vice-chair
  • Taylor Barnts, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences representative
  • Denisse  Gonzalez, FYPP representative
  • Shugla Kakar, Commuter Students representative
  • Frances Lee, Graduate Student representative
  • Hamdam Mazarei, Residence Hall Association representative
  • Katherine Reyes, School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics representative
  • Niko Serpanos, School of Educational Studies representative

Ex-Officio Members

  • Phil Akers, Vice Chancellor, Advancement & External Relations
  • Jonathan Cluts, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Office of Academic Affairs; Academic and Student Affairs representative (staff)
  • Shari Dworkin, Council of Academic Deans representative (dean)
  • Susan Jeffords, Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs
  • Segan Jobe, Senior Director, Office of Institutional Planning & Budget; IPB representative (staff)
  • Ruth Johnston, Vice Chancellor, Administration & Planning
  • Anchala Krishnan, ASUWB representative
  • Alka Kurian, Campus Council on Planning and Budgeting representative (faculty)
  • Joren Clowers, Student Activities Fee (SAF) Committee representative (student)
  • Linda Watts, Professor, School of IAS; GFO Chair (faculty)
  • Wolf Yeigh, Chancellor
  • tbd; GSO representative (staff)
  • tbd, Student Technology Fee (STF) Committee representative (student)