Advisory Council on Campus Safety

Who we are

The Advisory Council on Campus Safety was originally established February 1, 2017, by the University of Washington Bothell Chancellor, Wolf Yeigh, and the Cascadia College President, Eric Murray, to advise and provide recommendations on campus safety matters.

The Council was re-established March 30, 2018 with the following commitment:

  • Campus security, and the relationship between members of our broad community, Campus Security Office and Bothell law enforcement officials
  • Emergency Management, Campus Safety and Environmental Health & Safety
  • The campus resource officer's role on campus
  • Communication with the campus regarding security, safety matters

Additional responsibilities include:

  • Appointing Co-chairs from each institution
  • Meeting at a time most convenient for the Council
  • Coordinating activities with the UW Bothell Diversity Council and other related UW Bothell/Cascadia committees
  • Reviewing safety incidents (when appropriate)

The council reports to Ruth Johnston, Vice Chancellor for Planning & Administration, and Terence Hsiao, Vice President of Administrative Services for Cascadia College, who in turn advise UWB Chancellor and CC President.

Council Members

  • Gordon Dutrisac, Director of Student Advising & Support Services, Cascadia College, (Co-chair)
  • John Egdorf, Construction Project Manager, Physical Planning & Space Management, UW Bothell
  • Katie Horowitz, Director, Student Affairs, GSO representative, UW Bothell
  • Warisha Soomro, Director of Student Advocacy, ASUWB, UW Bothell
  • Evan Schroeder, Director of Health & Sustainability, Cascadia Student Government, Cascadia College
  • Andrew Shinn, Communications Manager, IAS, UW Bothell (Co-chair)
  • TBD, Faculty, Cascadia College
  • TBD, Faculty, UW Bothell


  • Darren Branum, Emergency Prep Manager, Facilities Services, UW Bothell
  • Cham Kao, Director, Campus Safety, UW Bothell
  • Bobby Buendia, Campus Resource Officer, Bothell Police

Safety Survey

View the campus safety survey and the recommendations based on the results.