Campus community message

Dear Campus Community,
As we complete the 2015-16 academic year and approach the Independence Day holiday, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the challenges, progress and many achievements of the last 12 months. We have learned through the struggles of the last two and a half centuries that we are enriched by diversity and we are ennobled by a steadfast search for peace and justice.

During the last few weeks we have again seen and felt the horror of tragedies in our country and across the world. All of these instances touch our community in painful ways. The shooting rampage in an Orlando nightclub is a horrific reminder that with all the progress we have made to embrace LGBTQ communities, there are still those who are driven to express their rejection of this group of individuals in unimaginably violent and lethal ways.

The attack this week in Istanbul is only the latest attempt to terrorize a city, a nation, a religion, a way of life. We cannot look at these instances, and so many others, without a sense of sadness. We should not look at any act of terror—domestic or international—without a sense of outrage. Regardless of where or when, each act of terror might well touch a nerve right here at home.

We have many support services available to students, faculty and staff who are grieving, to help in coping with the strain of recent and future events. A list of these resources is included below. Please remember to support one another, and to each do our part to maintain a supportive, inclusive, and safe community.

All that being said, as we review the last 12 months there is much to celebrate. We recently graduated the largest class in our history—more than 1800 newly minted graduates who are well-prepared to take their UW Bothell education and make a difference in the world. We have recognized and celebrated countless achievements by our students, faculty and staff in the past year.

Review the stories from our website, and you will see how collectively UW Bothell helped small businesses, improved communities, and conducted vitally important research. And right at the core of our mission you will see stories of students—young and not-as-young—whose lives have taken a positive turn, thanks to the knowledge and opportunities a college education can provide.

As we look forward to the coming year, we have good reason for optimism.

We continue to grow faster than all of our peer institutions, testament that our mission and our focus is in high demand. Later today Cascadia President Eric Murray and I will share with our respective institutions a master planning process to help prepare both institutions for the next several years of growth and success. Look for another more detailed message to follow.

I am looking forward to a great 4th of July Celebration. For those of you in and around Bothell on Monday, I invite you to come out to the annual Bothell Parade. Many of us will be participating and flying the UW Bothell flag in this celebration, and it would be great to see many of you along the parade route. But wherever you will be, please be safe, and celebrate wisely.

Thank you for an outstanding year. Here’s to an even better 2016-17!

Wolf Yeigh

Bjong Wolf Yeigh, Ph.D., F.ASME
Chancellor and Professor of Engineering

Below are some of the resources available to the campus community. Please become familiar with them and share with others. If you have questions about these resources or individual circumstances, please reach out to any of the following: Cham Kao, Campus Safety; Darren Branum, Emergency Preparedness; George Theo, Student Affairs; Emily Christian, CARE Team; Rosemary Simmons, Counseling Center; Dave Girts, Safe Campus.

Campus Safety

Safety Tips for various emergency situations

Safe Campus

UW Bothell CARE Team

UW Alert

Additional Training Classes

IS-106.15: Workplace Violence Awareness Training 2015

IS-906: Workplace Security Awareness

IS-907: Active Shooter: What You Can Do