Fellows 2019 - 2020

2019-2020 Diversity, Equity, & Community Engagement Fellows 

Dan BustillosDan Bustillos

Assistant Professor
School of Nursing & Health Studies

Project: Our Community’s Access to Washington’s Charity Health Care System

The fellowship will help in developing community partnerships and establish curricular programs and resources at UW Bothell that will assess and enhance community access to Washington State’s charity health care system—especially for communities with high concentrations of people with limited English proficiency (LEP). The project will accomplish this by appraising healthcare institutions’ compliance with applicable laws and commitments, and advocating for reform. Dan Bustillos, in collaboration with the School of Nursing & Health Studies at UW Bothell and partners like Washington State Coalition for Language Access (WASCLA), Washington Community Action Network (WA CAN) and Columbia Legal Services (CLS), will address issues such as patients not receiving care to which they are entitled because of discriminatory hospital policies and practices. Not only will this teach our students valuable skills through CBPLR, it will help to provide a continuing assessment of Washington state healthcare institutions’ compliance with charity care and LEP assistance laws. These assessments can in turn provide valuable data to inform future social justice and health policy, advocacy and/or legal actions and reform.

Ching-In ChenChing-In Chen

Assistant Professor
School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Project: Creatively responding to environmental justice challenges in Eco-Justice: Writing the World

This fellowship will seek to expand students’ creative ability to understand and respond to issues of environmental justice. Within Ching-In Chen’s Eco-Justice: Writing the World course, students will be “conspirator-generators”, collectively imagining a speculative future world, including community cultural and legal norms around education, economy, government, hierarchy and inequality. Using the speculative world as a seed, conspirator-generators collaborate to “remember” origin stories for their specific neighborhoods and communities (which live in the speculative future world) through individual and collaborative writing, movement and performance as well as develop individual avatars to navigate this world.

Paola Rodriguez HidalgoPaola Rodriguez Hidalgo

Assistant Professor
School of School of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics 

Project: “By Teaching We Learn”: Serving Underrepresented Populations in the Community by Implementing Service Learning in a General Education Course

BPHYS 101 Introduction to Astronomy is a lower division general education (GE) course offered by the Physical Sciences Division is taught by Paola Rodriguez Hidalgo. It includes goals such as acquiring basic astronomical knowledge and exhibiting clear communication skills. This fellowship looks to meet the university’s newer goals of inclusivity, equity and diversity by integrating a Community-Based learning project within the BPHYS 101 Introduction to Astronomy course. In this project, Paola asks students to educate and reach different audiences to teach them concepts of astronomy using their communication skills to deliver effective information. Through the integration of CBL Paola hopes to have their students become role models for children in low-income schools and make astronomical knowledge more accessible.

Jung LeeJung Lee

Assistant Director of Academic Services
School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Sakara Buyagawan

Academic Program Coordinator
School of Interdisciplinary Arts & SciencesSakara Buyagawan

Project: Supporting international IAS students within the UW Bothell community

A collaboration between the UW Bothell Academic Services team, the School of IAS, Career Services and CIE will serve to better support international IAS students to meet the broader goals of the university of diversity, inclusion and equity. The three goals of this project are to assess the resources that are available to international IAS students and determine what these students need to be successful after graduation, to cultivate on and off-campus partnerships, and to provide co-led workshops with community partners on specific topics that emerge from the assessment. This will be a year-long project, running Autumn through Spring, ending with workshops or a resource hub offered in the Spring to share resources with IAS international students.

Codrin NeditaCodrin Nita

School of Business

Alejandro Francetich

Assistant Professor
School of Business 

Project: UW Bothell – First-Gen Access and SuccessAlejandro Francetich

This fellowship looks to collaborate with partners such as the Seattle Housing Authority and the Muckleshoot Native American Tribe and internal university communities. The purpose of the project is to support college access for low-income first-generation students and to enhance the capacity of UW Bothell to attract these students. To increase access, workshops around topics of access, community building and educational opportunities will be organized at partners’ sites. By offering these workshops, Francetich and Nedita hope to break the barrier that is created by limited access to information about college education. This project will align with the university’s goals by increasing the inclusion of underrepresented communities, expanding the benefits of college attendance for these communities, and encourage a more positive and welcoming climate within the college space.

Min TangMin Tang

School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

Project: Media Workshop Pitch

Through the collaboration between the Northshore School District and Min Tang’s BIS 235 Critical Media Literacy course, students will reflect on and critique media representations in relation to identity politics. Students will engage in a project in which they will pitch media education workshop ideas to a panel of judges from the Northshore School District (NSD), and later present their workshops both in high school classrooms and at the Students of Color Conference in Spring 2020. This project will also expand on NSD’s newly launched ethnic studies curriculum. Students from both UW Bothell and local high schools will be educated in the issues surrounding the under and misrepresented populations in media, thus working towards achieving better equity, inclusivity and diversity. This course project is designed to: (re)educate students, both from UWB and local high schools, on issues of stereotyping and under-/mis-representation in media, engage students with media education and public advocacy for diversity and equity, empower minority students through critically evaluating popular cultural artifacts, and bridge classroom teaching and learning to practices.

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