Community Based Learning and Research

CBLR Faculty and Staff Fellows 2006-2007

Bruce Burgett, PhD

Interim Director and Professor
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

I.C.B.L.S. Fellow 2006-2007 
Project: Intersections of Sex and Race

Dr. Burgett used his time with the I.C.B.L.S. to revise his senior seminar, "Intersections of Sex and Race," in which students pursue and refine research questions related to the course rubric. His redesign provides students with the option of pursuing their research either through traditional academic methods or through fieldwork, with attention to balancing the two approaches and foregrounding the ways in which they interrelate. Beyond this course, he is developing learning and research-based partnerships with regional organizations working at the intersections of sex and race, which will be integrated into his undergraduate teaching in American Studies as well as the MACS and MAPS graduate programs.


David Goldstein, PhD

Interim Director
Teaching and Learning Center
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

I.C.B.L.S. Fellow 2006-2007
Project: Development of a Community-based, Lower Division,
Service Learning Course in Composition Tutoring

Dr. Goldstein's work with the I.C.B.L.S. led to the development of an on-campus seminar with a service-learning practicum in a community tutoring site. In the seminar, students studied scholarship on the writing process, examined the role of a writing tutor, and developed effective tutoring practices. In the practicum, students practiced and reflected upon community-based tutoring.

Andrea Kovalesky, RN, C, PhD

Assistant Professor

I.C.B.L.S. Fellow 2006-2007
Project: Revision of Community-based Learning Activities
in BNURS 409: Community Health Nursing

Dr. Kovalesky's participation in the cohort provided her with a wide range of perspectives on design and assessment resulting in the establishment of new community-based learning guidelines for a major core requirement in the newly revised Nursing curriculum. Dr. Kovalesky gathered input from key informants including Nursing program faculty at UW Bothell, UW Seattle, UW Tacoma and Pacific Lutheran University, and staff at several community health agencies.


Genevieve McCoy, PhD

Senior Lecturer
Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

I.C.B.L.S. Fellow 2006-2007
Project: 200 Level Course on Migration and Acculturation

Dr. McCoy's project for the I.C.B.L.S. involved the creation of a 200-level class on migration and acculturation which aims to create greater awareness of how class, religious, gender, racial, linguistic, age, sexual orientation, as well as ethnic and national differences affect individuals, construct social stereotypes, and inform social, political, and economic policies. In addition to taking a historical approach to this issue, Dr. McCoy sought to incorporate service learning, internships, and/or projects that in some way require contact with organizations working with local immigrant communities or national immigrant organizations.


Nancy Place, PhD

Assistant Professor

I.C.B.L.S. Fellow 2006-2007 
Project: Reading Development and Instruction

While with the initiative Dr. Place developed a course titled "Reading Development and Instruction" which focuses on the ways that children learn to read and the ways that adults can help them in this process. By tutoring local school children, participants develop an experiential base for understanding theoretical perspectives gained through course readings and activities. Ideally, the class meetings and the tutoring would take place in a common community location and on a common day.