Initiative for Community-Based Learning and Research Faculty and Staff Fellowship

Overview and Goals

The Community-Based Learning and Research Faculty and Staff Fellowship program is designed to promote and support faculty and staff development of community-based scholarship and creates pathways for students to deepen their community engagement within academic structures. The purpose of this program is to significantly enhance the capacity of UWB faculty and staff to offer courses, faciliate programs, and conduct research that directly engages the university with communities in ways that are valued by the academy. Fellows will have the opportunity to create or extend community-based work in courses or professional practice, conduct innovative research and participate in strategic planning for the next steps in support of community-based learning and research at UW Bothell.

Faculty and staff are invited to participate as Fellows and are asked to focus their fellowship on four guiding questions. How will your participation as a CBLR Fellow:

  • Enhance your individual research?
  • Enliven your course(s) and/or professional practice, resulting in enhanced student learning?
  • Build capacity for other UWB faculty and staff to participate in community-engaged teaching and research?
  • Assist your community partners in achieving their goals?

Fellows are required to participate in six regularly scheduled meetings throughout the academic year as well as participate in the Teaching and Learning Symposium in April, 2016. The goal of these meetings is to discuss the development of individual projects, best practices in CBLR, and strategies to strengthen community engagement efforts across campus.

CBLR Fellows will receive $1000 in spending authority for their successful participation in the Fellowship program.

Last year's curriculum: 2015-2016 Fellows Curriculum


The 2015-16 Fellows will be comprised of faculty and staff who have demonstrated a commitment to actively engaging the community in their teaching, research, or professional activities. The CBLR Steering Committee will select applications based on each applicant’s relative promise of student, faculty, institutional, or community impact. Applicants associated with all academic and administrative programs are encouraged to apply. See the application evaluation rubric.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted to Kara Adams at by the September 23, 2016 deadline. Applications received after that date will be considered on an individual basis if fellowships are still available. Applications must include all of the following:

  1.  Basic information: (a) name, (b) department/program, (c) contact information
  2. A response to at least two of the (above listed) guiding questions of the CBLR Fellowship (750 words maximum)
  3. What do you want to learn/work on in this Fellowship? (100 words maximum)
  4. Current CV
  5. Name and contact information of supervisor (Dean or Director)

For more information, contact Kara Adams (

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