Community Based Learning and Research

Diversity Community Engagement Fellowship

Diversity, Equity, Community Engagement Fellowship

Overview and History

The Diversity, Equity, and Community Engagement Fellowship is based on the foundation of the Community-Based Learning and Research Faculty and Staff Fellowship peer learning model. The CBLR Fellowship ran for 12 years at UW Bothell, continually morphing and adapting based on faculty and staff feedback.  In its upcoming 13th year, the Fellowship will shift towards greater alignment with diversity and equity, encompassing both the values of the UW Bothell’s commitment to inclusion and diversity and UW Bothell’s community engagement mission statement.

The Fellowship will be co-led by Kara Adams, Director of Community Engagement, and Raissa DeSmet, Senior Lecturer and Chair of IAS Diversity Committee. 


The purpose of this Fellowship is to enhance the capacity of UW Bothell faculty and staff to integrate diversity, equity, and community engagement through the development or redevelopment of:

  • A course/syllabus
  • Programs aimed for students, community partners, faculty development (e.g. orientation programs, summer bridge programs, community engaged internships, interdisciplinary capstones, college access mentorship)
  • Research that connects the university with communities in ways that are valued by the community and the academy.

Goals and How to Apply

Submit a short proposal (<2 pages) with a brief description of your proposed project, course, or research and an explanation of how your project is aligned with the following goals of the fellowship:

  1. Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity: Support university-wide commitment to equity and diversity (see UW Bothell’s commitment to Inclusion and Diversity and Diversity Action Plan):
    • Support programs, courses, or opportunities geared to promoting access, inclusion, and participation of diverse and historically underrepresented students/student populations.
    • Build capacity for the University of Washington Bothell to advance community-engaged teaching, research, and ethical/equitable partnership with diverse and historically under-represented/marginalized communities.
  2. Community Goals: Impact the community through the proposed Fellowship (see UW Bothell Community Engagement Mission Statement):
    • Promote the achievement of mutually beneficial goals and reciprocal relationships with community partners, with priority to organizations and communities aligned with the university’s commitments to diversity, equity, access, and inclusion development agenda and goals. Assist your community partners in achieving their goals.
    • Applicant might already have sustained relationships with community organizations, or propose to develop relationships with specific community groups/organizations in mind.
    • “Community partners” encompass the following:
      • Off-campus K-12 schools, community colleges, non-profits, industry, for profits, and government entities who engage their “community” off campus.
      • On-campus departments and student organizations
      • Off-campus partners who view their engagement with/on UW Bothell’s campus as part of their “regional mission” (i.e., voter registration, blood donation, undocu advocacy on campus).
  3. Student Learning: Enhance student learning.
  4. Professional Development: Enhance your professional development and growth:
    • Enhance individual or collaborative research
    • Enliven courses and/or professional practice
    • Deepen the integration of your knowledge of diversity, equity, and community engagement
  5. Learning Community: Contribute to the Fellow learning community. What do you hope to gain from being part of this learning community and what do you hope to contribute?

Applications must include the following:

  1. Basic information: (a) name, (b) department/program, (c) position title, (d) contact information, (e) name and contract information of supervisor (Dean or Director).
  2. Your proposal for the Fellowship year in alignment with the 5 goals above (including a description of your partners or partners you hope to cultivate) (< 2 pages).

Linked proposals—i.e., two or more faculty members who propose to work with one community/campus partner to develop a sustainable CBLR partnership—are highly encouraged.

We encourage faculty and staff at all levels of experience with community engagement and diversity, equity, and inclusion to apply. 

Deadline to apply

Submit applications to Kara Adams at and Raissa DeSmet at by Tuesday, October 1st


$1,000 stipend will be paid in two installments: $500 for participation and $500 upon implementation of proposed project.  Funds can be applied for community partner/collaborator stipends, graduate student intern stipends, course/project expenses (e.g. curricular materials, site rental, transportation costs; course exhibits), research costs (e.g. transcription, software), participation in trainings aimed at developing and incorporating new pedagogies and methods into coursework, conference attendance for learning and/or dissemination of knowledge. 


Applicants associated with all academic and administrative programs are encouraged to apply (classified and professional staff, part-time and full-time faculty). The fellowship program is open to faculty and staff at all stages of development. Former CBLR Fellows are encouraged to apply, and should be explicit in their applications about the deepened focus on diversity and equity in their proposed project and how they will build upon prior work or experience in a subsequent fellowship year.

Requirements and Recognition

Fellows are required to participate in six-seven regularly scheduled gatherings throughout the 2019-2020 academic year. Many of these meetings are held at partner sites, and most occur on Fridays.  The goal of these meetings is to create an active learning community where we discuss the development of individual projects, best practices, and strategies to strengthen diversity, equity, and community engagement efforts. Your work will be showcased at TLC Learning Committee celebration in May, 2020, and at the Partner Recognition Luncheon in early June 2020. All Fellows will submit an artifact (e.g., syllabus, manuscript draft, letter from community partner, etc.) for the Fellows Archive.

Learning Community and Support

Fellows will join a supportive faculty and staff learning community as they create or extend their diversity, equity, and community-based work. Kara Adams and Raissa DeSmet will provide vision, curriculum, and serve as backbone support for the Fellowship. The CBLR Office will also providing support for individual Fellow projects.

For more information, contact Kara Adams (

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