Winter 2020 Courses

Winter 2020 Courses*

*The Winter Course List is not final and subject to change and additions.
Last updated: 11/25/19

PB - Project-based course

PL - Placement-based course

First Year & Pre-Major

(PB) BCORE 117 C: Front and Center: Images of Women in the Theatre and Film - Deborah Hathaway
Students work with community-based theatre or performance group to engage in performances or interactive projects. Former partners include: Arts West, Macha Theatre Works.

(PB) BCORE 117 F: Creative Activism: Inspiring Change Through the Arts - Gary Carpenter
Students and community members collaborate on arts-based projects on campus and in community-based settings which explore contemporary social issues and aspire to create meaningful social transformation. Former partners include: Compass Housing Alliance, MENAL, University Beyond Bars, UWB Diversity Center.


(PB) B BUS 491 A: Business Consulting - Andrew Ballard
Students work in groups with community partners to research and propose recommendations for projects. Former partners include: City of Bellevue, Domestiv Violence Services of Snohomish Co., Lynwood Chamber of Commerce, and Workforce Snohomish.

Computing Education & Software Systems 

(PB/PL) CSS 295 A: K-12 Computer Education - Nancy Kool 
Students work as a class and in teams to develop Scratch coding curriculum  which they use to teach elementary or middle school students in a free after-school coding program. Former partners include: Kenmore Middle School, Lynwood Elementary School, University Family YMCA (Jane Adams Middle School, Sand Point Elementary)

Earth System Sciences

(PB/PL) BEARTH 155 A: Introduction to Climate Science - Eric Salathe                          Students work in groups to support projects at various organizations dedicated to sustainable solutions and climate science. Partners include: 350 Eastside, Sound Salmon Solutions, City of Kirkland/Public Works.


(PL) BEDUC 441 A: Second Language Acquisition - Yue Bian
Students work outside of class with student(s) who are learning a second language. Former partners include: Asian Counseling and Referral Service, East African Community Services, Literacy Source, Northshore School District. (Minimum 20 hours/quarter)

(PL) BEDUC 456 A: Adolescents in Society - Cheryl Gordon
Students work outside of class with adolescent(s) in formal or informal educational setting. Former Partners include: AVID Program - Henry Jackson High School, Dale Turner YMCA, Voyager Middle School - North Star Program. (Minimum 20 hours/quarter)

(PL) BEDUC 495 A, B: Applied Experience - Rejoice Akapame, Antony Smith
Students work outside of class to deepen experience in educational setting of their choice. Former partners include: Friends of North Creek Forest, Imagine Children's Museum, Seattle Children's Alyssa Burnet Adult Life Center. (Total 100 hours/one or more quarters) 

Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

(PB/PL) BES 463 A/B: Restoration Ecology 2 - Warren Gold                                              Students form year-long cohorts who work with community-based partners to survey, plan, and execute environmental restoration projects. Former partners include: 21 Acres,  Friends of North Creek Forest, Green Kirkland Partnership, and more.

(PB) BIS 175 A: American Government - Jason Lambacher
Students work in groups on quantitative and qualitative data collection and literature review, to support community partner strategic goals. Former partners include: Snohomish County Elections.

(PB) BIS 307 A: Environmental Justice - Melanie Malone                                                    Student engage and explore enviromental justice issues and strategies with multiple community partners in class and off site. Former parnters include: Duwamish River CleanUp Coalition, Ma'Kah Tribe, Erin Goodling (Resting Safe).

(PB) BIS 352 A: Mapping Communities - Jin-Kyu Jung
Students work in groups on participatory community mapping projects proposed by community partner. Former partners include: City of Redmond, City of Bothell, North Urban Human Service Alliance (NUHSA), Phinney Neighborhood Center.

(Optional PL) BIS 356 A: Ethics and Environment - Jason Lambacher
Students work outside of classroom on environmental or sustainable agriculture project. (Minimum of 20 hours/quarter.) Former partners include: 21 Acres, 350 Eastside, Green Kirkland Partnership, Rent Mason Bees, Sound Salmon Solutions. (Minimum 20 hours/quarter)

(PB/PL) BIS 494: Youth Court Task Force - Camille Walsh                                                  Students work as a class to provide research and direct service to high school restorative justice programming. Former partners include: Bothell Municipal Court - Youth Court.

(PL) BISCLA 380 A: Arts in Context Museum Cultures - Raissa DeSmet
Students are trained to conduct research on objects from the Southeast Asian collections at the Burke Museum'to support exhibits. Former partners include: Burke Museum.

(PB) BPOLST 513: Policy Studies Practicum - Charlie Collins                                            Students will explore social and policy issues with community stakeholders through direct service, informational interviews, events and/or other means. Former partners include: Washington Community Action Network (WA CAN), City of Bellevue/Livable City Year.

Nursing & Health Studies

(PL) BHS 496 A: Health Studies Fieldwork - Mabel Ezeonwu 
Students work outside of class to deepen experience in health setting of their choice.  Former partners include: Alzheimer's Association, Bloodworks NW, HealthPoint, Toxic Free Future, and more. (Minimum 40 hours/quarter)

(PB) BNURS 460 A, B, C: Translating Knowledge to Practice - Anna Winquist, Sunita Iyer, -
Students engage in participatory research and literature review to make recommendations for challenges and questions submitted by RNs in the field. Former partners include: Evergreen Health, Providence Medical Center. 

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics 

(PB) BME 481: Engineer Prof Dev 1: Citizen Engineer - Steve Collins                              Students work in groups to conduct research, analysis, and documentation of current engineering projects in collaboration with a community partner organization. Former partners include: NW EcoBuilding Guild.

(PB) BME 495 A: Capstone in Mechanical Engineering - Imen Hannachi

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