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CBLR Courses 2019-2020

Fall 2019 Courses*

*The Fall Course List is not final and subject to change and additions.
Last updated: 09/10/19

First Year & Pre-Major

BCORE 104 F: Words, Voice, Movement - Deborah Hathaway
BCORE 107 E: Farm to Fork: Local to Global Persp - Annie Bruck / Mo West
BCORE 107 G: Mythbusters - Charity Lovitt


BBUS 441 A: Business Project Management - Enrique Reynoso
BBUS 491: Business Consulting - Nick Cuhaciyan 

Computing & Software Systems

CSS 295 A: K-12 Computing Education - Arkday Retik


B EDUC 220 A: Education & Society - Gerard Holzman
B EDUC 441 A: Second Language Acquisition - Yue Bian
B EDUC 495 A: Applied Experience - Antony Smith

Interactive Media & Design

BIMD 481 A: Integrative Studio I - Mark Chen 
BIMD 491 A: Integrative Studio Practice I - Arnold Lund

Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

BIS 204 A: Introduction to Journalism - Kristin Gustafson
BIS 226 A: Foundation of Social Services - Shauna Carlisle 
BIS 232 B: Data Visualization - Baaska Anderson
BIS 235 A: Critical Media Literacy - Min Tang
BIS 242 A: Environmental Geography - Melanie Malone
BIS 339 A: Global Cultural Studies: Asian Visual Culture - Raissa DeSmet
BIS 342 A, B: Geographic Information Systems - Santiago Lopez, Sara Maxwell
BIS 494 A: Youth Court Task Force - Camille Walsh
BIS 495 A: Internship - Rafael Delgado / Loren Redwood
B POLST 593 A: Topics in Policy Studies: Urban Planning and Geography - Jin-Kyu Jung

Nursing & Health Studies

BHLTH 435 A: Principles of Health Education and Communication - Jody Early
BHS 496 A: Health Studies Fieldwork - Mabel Ezeonwu
B NURS 424 A,B,C: Population-Based Health in Community Practice - Multiple faculty
B NURS 460 A: Translating Knowledge to Nursing Practice - Linda Eaton

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