Three Levels of Career Event Assistance for Student Clubs/Organizations

Student clubs

Career event assistance for student clubs and organizations

Career Services has created new pathways to increase communication between student clubs/organizations, as well as assist in making your career-related event a success. There are three levels of assistance available: Information Sharing, Event Assistance, and Co-Sponsorship. When planning an event with employers, alumni or other outside partners, Career Services is here for you.

Please submit the Career Services Event Form-Student Clubs for all types of assistance and our Student Outreach Coordinator will contact your organization as soon as possible. The Event Planning Steps Checklist can be used as a general guide to help your organization plan your events more effectively.


Levels of assistance


1. Information sharing

Share the specifics of your event with Career Services, especially if you are inviting outside partners. We can help increase the visibility by advertising your career related event in Career News and adding it to our event calendar on our Website. 

Even if you don’t need assistance with your event it is important that you share information with us. Why? UW Bothell is working to ensure that everyone who works with outside partners and alumni are communicating with each other. Student Clubs are a part of this network. Many student organizations and clubs have been planning successful events for years. We encourage all student organizations to continue providing opportunities for their members and the campus. However, it is still important for you to give us the following information: who, when, and where.

2. Event assistance

Career Services can provide event support in several ways:

  • Provide advice on logistics and overall planning of your event.
  • Assist with contacting companies, organizations, or alumni to find speakers/presenters for your event. We can also serve as a liaison to begin the conversation on behalf of your organization.   
  • Have an idea but not sure where to start? We can help with that too! Planning ahead is key to a successful event, and we would be happy to help turn your club's ideas into realities.

3. Co-sponsorship

When co-sponsoring event, we will work with you during both planning and execution. Regular meetings will occur between a member of your planning committee and our Student Outreach Coordinator. Both organizations will appear on advertising for the event. 

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