Engineer/Software Engineer - Talos Embedded Systems

Engineer/Software Engineer

Talos Embedded Systems - Bellevue, Washington

Talos Embedded Systems designs and develops functional test systems and embedded controllers for industrial applications.  
Seeking candidates with a strong interest and technical skills in automation, data acquisition, and control. This is a full-time position with flexible hours. Part-time would be considered.
The primary skill needed is programming experience with LabVIEW.  Seeking a candidate with programming skills is C/C++ (or similar) and with a desire to learn.
- LabVIEW programming (C/C++ or similar may suffice)
- Data acquisition - working knowledge of A/Ds, etc.
- Basic circuit design, op amps, digital logic
- Working knowledge of industrial communication protocols, e.g serial, GPIB, EthernetIP, CAN, I2C
- Schematic capture (DIptrace, Altium Designer)
- CAD (Soldiworks, Autocad)
- Use of DMMs, scopes, power supplies, etc.
- Soldering, cabling, assembly of circuits and box builds
Education/Relevant Degrees:
Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, and Physics.
To Apply:
Submit your resume to
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