Writing Volunteer – Pongo

Pongo's writing mentors are the most caring and intelligent people and wonderful colleagues. They are the individuals who work directly with distressed youth and adults, to facilitate personal poetry and to serve as containers for our writers' painful stories. They are writers, students, therapists, teachers, and more. We call these mentors the Pongoites. This newsletter is our annual call for new volunteers. Pongo has its ongoing projects at juvenile detention in Seattle, at the Washington state psychiatric hospital for children in Tacoma, and at supportive housing for chronically homeless adults in Seattle. Please go to the links below and create an application to volunteer with us. If you are from another city, please send us an email, as well. We may be able to connect you with a Pongo-inspired project in your area.
Application Instructions: To apply, visit: http://www.pongoteenwriting.org/How-to-Apply.html