SAF Volunteer Position - Valid through October 12, 2016

Services and Activities Fees (SAF) are charged to all registered students for the express purpose of funding student services and programs. The level and distribution of the fee is recommended by the SAF Committee, approved by the Chancellor, and authorized by the Board of Regents for each academic year. SAF meets every Friday morning from 8-11am and is a volunteer position.

SAF members meet throughout the academic year, review proposals and make recommendations for programs, activities, and services that help our community and students grow inside and out of class.

  • Allocate over $2 million worth of funding directly to support students.
  • Make your recommendations to the Chancellor and the Regents.
  • Gain work experience in financial literacy and budget management.
  • SAF will look great on your resume!

All are welcome and encouraged to apply. Please share with students who may be interested. The application has been extended to Wednesday October 12 at 5pm.