Tips for Making the Most of the Fall Job & Internship Fair

Whether you have attended an on-campus career fair before or this will be your first time, Career Services wants to help you make it the most useful and encouraging experience possible as you move towards your professional goals. Having 60+ employer representatives on campus, all here to engage with UW Bothell students, is an awesome opportunity, and with some thoughtful preparation and follow-up, you can really stand out in the crowd. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Do your research ahead of time on which organizations are attending, what they're hiring for, and why they might be a good fit for you now or in the future. Our program brochure includes company names, websites, short descriptions, whether they are looking for full-time, part-time, and/or internship hires, the majors they are most interested in (including "all majors!"), if they are open to hiring international students, and a contact person for follow-up. 
  2. Bring updated copies of your resume to share and have as a reference point during your conversation with recruiters. We will have drop-in advising hours in UW1-103 on Monday, October 17 just for last-minute resume reviews and career fair prep!
  3. Dress to impress in business casual or business interview (suit) attire. Keep accessories and scents to a minimum, and bring a padfolio or small folder with your resumes, if possible. You want to look neat, clean, and put together so that employers can focus on you and what you're saying, and can see you've made and effort to make a positive first impression. 
  4. Talk to a variety of employers. You never know where you might find great opportunities, and don't assume that just because a company doesn't have your field of interest in their name, that they wouldn't have jobs and internships that could fit your skills. For example, business roles (accounting, HR, marketing, sales, management) exist in for-profit companies and non-profit organizations across industries, just as positions for tech-savvy individuals don't only appear at technical companies! Check out page 18 of the program brochure for more encouragement and insight on this front.
  5. Take notes on who you spoke to and who you'd like to follow up with. Be sure to ask for business cards/contact information whenever you've had a good conversation or if you want to learn more about the company outside of the fair. We encourage you to take breaks between employers to jot down a few notes for yourself (on the back of the aforementioned business cards is a great place!), and to recharge (get some water, breathe, regroup) before your next introduction. 

For more advice on making the most of career fairs like the Fall Job & Internship Fair (October 18, 2016!), see our presentation slides online. We hope you have a great time at the fair, including learning about new and interesting opportunities for this year and beyond!