Q&A with Premier Employer Partner: Techtronic Industries (TTI)


Q&A with Premier Employer Partner: Techtronic Industries (TTI)

TTI is a world-class leader in design, manufacturing and marketing of Power Tools, Outdoor Power Equipment, and Floor Care and Appliances for consumers, professional and industrial users in the home improvement, repair and construction industries. Our unrelenting strategic focus on Powerful Brands, Innovative Products, Operational Excellence and Exceptional People drives our culture.

Questions and Answers:

1. How would you describe the company culture at TTI?

  • TTI has a young/action-driven culture built around our four pillars, "Powerful Brands, Innovative Products, Exceptional People, and Operational Excellence." Our field team takes a relentless approach to selling in cordless technologies, while our corporate team promises disruptive innovation in outdated product categories.
  • When we get together it is exciting, celebrative, and competitive. We travel the country twice a year to learn, play games, win prizes, and inspire each other.
  • I would guess that our average age for the first role is 23, and many of our leadership roles are only a few years beyond that. I think that giving young professionals a lot of responsibility has propelled our company's energy.
  • We have had exponential growth since we launched our Leadership Development Program in 2007, and being the fastest growing power tool innovators in the world, TTI is a very exciting place to be right now! 

2. What types of opportunities does TTI typically hire current college students and recent grads for? 

  • We start out all of our college graduates as either an Event Marketing Specialist (EMS), or a Field Sales & Marketing Representative within our Leadership Development Program.
  • EMS is a seasonal position that runs through the Spring. EMS are responsible for overdriving our outdoor product lineups with a focus on cordless technology. They do a lot of event planning, product demonstrations, and strategic marketing within one or a few of our largest sales accounts.
  • In our FSMR role, they are given a territory with anywhere from 1-5 sales accounts. These positions handle all aspects of our business within those accounts. Some activities that they deal with regularly are managing inventory, conducting market sales analysis, executing corporate marketing initiatives, leading client training sessions, and hosting large scale demo events.
  • Any college graduate who is accepted into our Leadership Development Program is hired with the expectation to excel in this first role, and utilize the experience as a foundation to fuel their growth throughout our web of positions in Marketing, Management, and Sales. 

3. What do you typically look for in candidates for jobs and internships? What makes someone stand out in a positive way during the application and interview process?

  • We are searching for well-rounded people with a history of excellence. We need motivated individuals who will challenge themselves and thrive in autonomous environments! Our CEO, Joe Galli, preaches, "Impact over action," meaning to use your time efficiently and not busily. Be prepared to promote quickly, leave your comfort zone, and to develop your professional skill set. We have new positions available all over the world, so we need great people that want to grow quickly with us.

4. Any additional advice as students explore career paths and consider professional development opportunities?

  • Be open to all opportunities. You probably won't land your dream position straight out of school, but you can find some of what you like, and what you don't like, to do. Training/learning in the professional world is huge, it allows you to develop fast and acquire additional responsibilities.  Early on, maximizing your career success can rely on your ability to learn from mistakes and grasp new ideas. Don't say no without asking why!
- Jackson SchwalbachTerritory Manager, Team TTi: Northern WA/ID/MT