Program Development Internship

Program Development Internship

The Road Back to Life 


The Road Back to Life (TRBL) is a non-profit volunteer- lead organization that provides education counseling and hope to people who have been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. This is delivered via classroom settings at several locations in Snohomish County by patient mentors. 

TRBL partners with community organizations that support kidney patients and their caregivers. We provide education, nutrition classes and meetings at local facilities for patient groups. Mentors are involved in working with people who are interested in managing their health pertaining to kidney disease and the emotional issues that can follow. TRBL is very busy mentoring patients and participating in classes and has not had the time to document how to conduct the classes or create a syllabus that mentors can use as a reference.

End Stage Renal Disease is one of the main health cost issues covered by Medicare and is a significant portion of the total budget. It has been determined that these costs can be reduced significantly through patient education.  TRBL has received awards for its efforts in community education, benefiting kidney patients and their families, which leads to better health care management and reduced costs.

Job Description:

TRBL mentors are involved in teaching, coaching and counseling other patients in healthcare settings along with health care professionals. In addition, TRBL is involved in the training of new dialysis technicians and nurses for Puget Sound Kidney Centers.  Because we have been so busy with our mentoring and training duties, we have not had the opportunity to document our processes.  The role that we see for an intern is a highly visible position participating in all of our activities. 

Primary Duties:

  • to document our mentoring processes
  • help develop a reference guide
  • observe Mentoring sessions and provide feedback
  • create content for our web site
  • learn about health care management
  • interact with patients, dietitians, nurses and social workers

Desired Skills:

  • excellent writing and organizational skills
  • ability to evaluate group interactions
  • self-confidence in dealing with senior mentors
  • ability to suggest creative new ideas
  • desire to accomplish goals on time

Hours and Location:

Patient support groups are held the second Tuesday of each month from 4-6pm in Mountlake Terrace, WA

Chronic Kidney Disease Classes are held on Wednesday evenings from 6-8PM at the Verdant Health Building in Lynnwood, WA

HOPE classes are once a month on Thursdays from 5-7PM in Mountlake Terrace, WA

A progress review session will be held every Tuesday from 4-6PM in Mountlake Terrace, WA (for intern and mentors only)



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Application Due November 26