TimeXtender Internship Project


Internship Project

TimeXtender - Bellevue, Washington 


Work In an International Environment
We are inviting two groups of each 2-3 students to participate in this project. The project is based in Bellevue, Washington. 

The Power to Engage:
The solution will be implemented on real data from a real company. Currently the company has a Data Warehouse that loads data from 5 different cloud based systems. Each of these systems have a definition of Customers, but matching records between all of the systems with require complicated logic, and a Master Data Management solution will have to be implemented to support this. This solution is expected to be able to match highly similar entities between different systems, generate exception reports for lower probability matches for data stewards to review, and create one 360-degree view of the customer entity that can be linked to many types of transactional data.

Your Development:
TimeXtender will provide the necessary training and resources for the project.
You will go through a thorough Data Warehouse Consultant training spanning 2-4 weeks depending on existing skills. 
In addition, you will be taken through a thorough introduction to Master Data Management concepts and methodology. The output of the project will be recommendations for TimeXtender product development, a complete MDM implementation in a live Data Warehouse, a lot of knowledge for everybody involved, and experience working on real, complex projects in a global company

Desired Skills: 

  • T-SQL
  • Data warehouse design and modeling 
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • SQL server
  • Golden Record
  • SSIS
  • Master Data Management 
  • Durable Supernatural Keys




Applications Due by December 28, 2016