Medical Scribe (PT/FT)


Medical Scribe

ScribeAmerica - Everett, WA


ScribeAmerica is seeking Medical Scribes to transcribe the physician-patient encounter into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Scribes assist with all documentation needs and collect labs/X-ray results so that doctors can better focus on the patient.


How Do Students Benefit?

  • It's a wonderful entry-level job for students interested in healthcare as it gives them real-life experience working alongside doctors in a clinical environment.
  • It’s also a great way for students to build their resume and their professional network.
  • They'll gain a deep understanding of medical terminology through paid classroom and on-the-job training.

What is a Medical Scribe?

A Medical Scribe is a revolutionary concept in modern medicine.  Traditionally, a physician's job has been focusing solely on direct patient contact and care.  However, the advent of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) created an overload of documentation and clerical responsibilities that slows physicians down and pulls them away from actual patient care. To relieve the documentation overload, physicians across the country are turning to Medical Scribe services. A Medical Scribe is essentially a personal assistant to the physician; performing documentation in the EHR, gathering information for the patient's visit, and partnering with the physician to deliver the pinnacle of efficient patient care.

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