Q&A with Premier Employer Partner: Enterprise


Q&A with Premier Employer Partner:


"Enterprise Rent-A-Car is an ongoing American success story. Our guiding principles, and humble beginning, revolve around personal honesty and integrity. We believe in strengthening our communities one neighborhood at a time, serving our customers as if they were our family, and rewarding hard work. These things are as true today as they were when we were founded in 1957".

Enterprise is one of University of Washington Bothell's Premier Employers. Enterprise is a transportation solutions provider with an outstanding mission to connect with their communities, customers, and each other. They have some of the best training programs for their employees, and they are known for helping young professionals launch their careers. 

Questions and Answers:


How would you describe the company culture at Enterprise, both at the national level and in the Seattle-area branches?

Enterprise is a privately held and family owned company. Because of this, we’re able to stick closely to our philosophies and core values. Since we choose our leaders from within Enterprise, we’re very focused on employee development, group comradery and growth to ensure career advancement opportunities.  We recognize and reward work hard, but we also have fun!  And across all business lines, Enterprise has a fun, friendly atmosphere. Our decentralized leadership style gives employees autonomy and empowers them to make creative decisions.

What types of opportunities does Enterprise typically hire current college students and recent college graduates for (and explain a bit about what each does)?

The Sales Management Trainee position is where our future leaders start. As a Management Trainee, you’ll learn all aspects of running a business hands on, including sales and marketing, customer service, leadership, finance, operations, everything! You are promoted solely on your performance into leadership roles - that means the more you put into your career, the more you’ll get out of it. 

As a Sales Management Trainee, you are the future of Enterprise. You’ll be given real responsibility, and be expected to own it. We’ll empower you to experience, explore and thrive. Our promote-from-within culture means you can have many unique careers all within one company, with support and training each step of the way. As you perform, you will move to Assistant Management, Branch Management, Area/District Management, corporate positions and beyond! Our current President and CEO, Pam Nicholson, started as a Management Trainee and worked her way up – she was recently featured on Fortune Magazine as one of the world’s most powerful women. 

We also have our Staff Accountant position, which is our entry level opportunity into the accounting realm.  This follows a similar career path as that of our Management trainee position, but is streamlined within accounting.

What do you typically look for in candidates for jobs and internships? What makes someone stand out in a positive way during the application and interview process?

In a nutshell, our ideal candidate genuinely likes people, seeks challenges and aspires towards leadership roles. Throughout the interview process these candidates are engaging, positive about prior experiences, and excited about their potential career. It’s also great when candidates do their homework and ask great questions about our opportunity.

Our Sales Management Trainee and Staff Accounting positions are available to candidates who’ve reached their bachelor’s degree. We also have an exciting summer internship that is available to rising seniors.

Any additional advice for students as they explore career paths and consider professional development opportunities?

Take some time to sole search what it is that you’d truly enjoy doing as a career; if you like what you do, you’ll fully invest in your career and enjoy your position.  For myself, I didn’t want to want the typical desk job. I wanted to be in a dynamic position involving interaction with coworkers, being up and moving around at times, and having challenges to navigate through.

Keep an open mind to different opportunities; you never know where you’ll find that excellent career opportunity. 

Be yourself, and have fun!


David Postforoosh, Talent Acquisition Specialist Enterprise Holdings|David.S.Postforoosh@ehi.com