CSS Tutor

Quantitative Skills Center has partnered with the Computing and Software Systems Department to offer tutoring support to computer science students. In addition to the regular job duties of QSC Tutors, CSS tutors:

  • Work independently in the CSS laboratories, and collaboratively in the QSC, to assist CSS students, faculty, and staff with: homework assignments, exam review, projects, etc. associated with CSS classes.
  • Monitor the state of lab equipment (computers, printers, etc.), perform routine simple maintenance, and notify CSS staff when more serious technical problems arise.
  • Attend occasional meetings with CSS staff and QSC management regarding lab equipment, status, and procedures.

QSC tutors are required to attend staff meetings and trainings to discuss techniques and improve skills.They may also be required to perform light clerical or educational outreach tasks such as answering routine questions and making class visits to advertise the QSC when time permits.

Minimum Requirements: A 2.5 in CSS 342 and demonstrated depth of CSS knowledge.

Please download the Tutor Application, fill it out (either electronically or by hand), and submit it, along with the other materials described therein, IN PERSON to:

Amber Parsons, Manager
Office: UW2-030A
Phone: 425-352-5417
E-mail: parsonsa@uw.edu

Make sure to indicate that you are interested in a CSS Position in your cover letter (as distinct from a QSC Position).


 Priority for interviews will be given to applications received by Tuesday, November 7, 2016 at 4pm.