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Campus ambassadors are university students who work closely with Peace Corps recruiters to raise the Peace Corps’ profile on campus and introduce the Peace Corps to new and diverse student groups. The program offers a prestigious internship-like experience; however, as a campus ambassador you will be considered a local expert, not an intern. You know your campus better than anyone, and can connect with groups of students who may not yet know the benefits of Peace Corps service. The opportunity is open to undergraduate and graduate students on any college campus across the U.S.

What campus ambassadors do

As a campus ambassador, you engage in many vibrant forms of student outreach: class talks, social media campaigns, photo competitions, campus festivals, and more. All campus ambassadors are paired with the Peace Corps recruiter who covers their college or university. The specifics of your role will depend upon the needs of your recruiter and your unique campus. The recruiter will have many activities and ideas for you to support, but will also look to you for innovative ways to connect with diverse groups on campus. On average, campus ambassadors work less than five hours per week, and typically are in the position from late August through April. This internship is unpaid.

"The campus ambassador experience has helped me to better my communication and presentation skills, to be innovative in creating programs that engage others, and to advocate for international volunteer opportunities." -Mario Antonio Lopez-Rodriguez, the University of Memphis


Through the close relationship with a Peace Corps recruiter, campus ambassadors receive professional mentorship and development, including a letter of recommendation at the end of the year (contingent upon performance). Campus ambassadors gain résumé-building experience with the Peace Corps, a  U.S. federal agency focused on building the capacity of countries abroad. See agency mission. Serving as a campus ambassador will not directly increase your chances of being selected for Peace Corps service—as it doesn't build sector-specific work skills—but it can indirectly support your application. As a campus ambassador, you will work closely with a Peace Corps recruiter who can review your résumé and advise you before you submit an application.


The online application to be a 2017–18 Campus Ambassador is open from March 1 until April 15, 2017. Apply now!

Please email with questions.